Russia Starts Supplying S-400 Air Defense Systems To India

Russia has started delivering the S-400 Triumf surface-to-air missile systems to India, the deliveries are going as planned, Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) Dmitry Shugaev told Sputnik ahead of the Dubai Airshow.

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“The supplies of the S-400 air defense system to India have started and are proceeding on schedule,” Shugaev said.

The S-400 has already entered service in China and Turkey. Russia and India signed a contract on the delivery of S-400s in October 2018.

In August, the head of Russia’s state arms exporter Rosoboronexport, Alexander Mikheev, told Sputnik that negotiations on the supply of S-400 air defense systems were underway with seven countries in the Middle East, the Asia-Pacific region, and Africa.

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India likely To Deploy First Unit Of S-400 Air Defence System On Pakistan Front

The first unit of which will be deployed near the western front.

Industry sources said the first parts of the squadron have already started reaching India, and they would be deployed on a location where it can take on threats from both Pakistan and Chinese airspace.

According to sources, the parts of the missile systems are coming via both air and sea routes and would be quickly deployed on the designated locations.

The first squadron delivery would be completed by the end of this year and after its deployment, the Indian Air Force would start focusing towards the eastern front, they said. The IAF would also dedicate some of the resources for training its personnel within the country also.

S-400 Missile System

The S-400 Triumf previously known as the S-300 PMU-3 is a mobile, surface-to-air missile (SAM) system developed in the 1990s by Russia’s Almaz Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering as an upgrade to the S-300 family.

On April 28, 2007, the S-400 went into service and the first battalion of the newest surface-to-air missile systems assumed combat duty on August 6.

China was the first foreign buyer to broker a government deal with Russia in 2014; while Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India, and Belarus have all acquired, or expressed interest, in the system since.


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