Rajnath Singh Clear Message To Russia & Others On India’s Military Need

India has very clearly conveyed to the US, Russia, France and many of its partner countries that military platforms and equipment required by the Indian armed forces to deal with myriad security challenges have to be manufactured in the country, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said today.

Referring to regional geopolitical developments, Mr. Singh said that God has given India some neighbours who do not feel good seeing its growth and that the one born out of the partition is becoming weak worrying about India’s development.

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In an address at the annual convention of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), he said most of the countries in the world are friends of India, including the US, Russia, and France.

In this context, he said, India, at the same time, made it clear to them that the military hardware required by the Indian armed forces will have to be produced in the country.

“We have told every friendly country that we want to produce the military platforms, weapons and ammunition in India itself keeping in mind the security of the country,” he said.

“We have conveyed this message to the US, Russia, France and others as well and we do not hesitate to communicate this message,” he added.

The Defence Minister said the message to the countries producing military equipment has been that: “Come, Make In India, Come, Make for India and Come, Make for the world”.

Citing an example, Mr Singh said following his talks with French Defence Minister Florence Parly on Friday, it was agreed that a major French company will produce “an engine” in India by joining hands with an Indian company under the strategic partnership model.

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