No Chinese Troops Entered Into Indian Territory Government Clarifies

NEW DELHI: After a video surfaced on social media claiming that Chinese troops entered into Indian territory and went back following an intervention by the locals and ITBP personnel, government officials have denied any such claim. According to government sources, the video is an old video and a local civil issue.

An old video is being circulated today. However, the matter is being dealt with by the local civil administration,” said government sources, claiming that no Chinese troops intruded into the Indian territory.

According to the sources, few local nomads with their pets entered into Indian territory and they were confronted by locals, a few days back.

“This has not happened for the first time. This has been happening for the last several years as they are locals and roam in that area with tents, pets etc and cross border sometimes,” a senior government official told ANI.

Sources said the matter is being dealt with by local civil authorities since it was not a military issue.

“Both Indian and Chinese grazers used to go to the said area for grazing every year. There have been many videos recorded by local Indians. Also, forces like ITBP officials are also in knowledge of it and this recent incident has also been reported at the appropriate level,” a senior government official claimed.

Economic Times

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