Maiden Trials Of India’s Desi Anti Ship Missile NASAM-SR

Today 18 May 2022, the Indian Navy in association with DRDO successfully undertook the maiden firing of the first indigenously developed Short Range Naval Anti Ship Missile from Seaking 42B helo, at ITR, Balasore. The mission met all its objectives. It is the first indigenous air-launched anti-ship missile system for the Indian Navy.

The missile followed the desired sea-skimming trajectory and reached the designated target with a high degree of accuracy, validating the control, guidance, and mission algorithms. All the sub-systems performed satisfactorily. The sensors deployed across the test range and near the impact point tracked the missile trajectory and captured all the events.

ย The missile employed many new technologies, including an indigenously developed launcher for the helicopter. The missile guidance system includes a state-of-the-art navigation system and integrated avionics. The flight test was witnessed by senior officers of DRDO and the Indian Navy.


NASAM-SR is a subsonic Anti-ship missile that has a range of 5-55km and it carries 100kg of the warhead to target enemy ships and patrol boats.

The existence of the Naval Anti-Ship Missile NASM SR was revealed in 2018 in the Lok Sabha. Raksha Mantri Nirmala Sitharaman named this in the list of DRDO developments and those at other Indian institutions over the past three years (January 2016-December 2018). Initial details were unveiled at the DefExpo 2020. The long-range version of the NASM may have a range excess of 150 km, enabling engagement of hostile targets from stand-off distances

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