Lockheed Martin Shares First Picture Of MH-60 Romeo For Indian Navy

On the occasion of Navy Day, American firm Lockheed Martin Friday shared the first picture of the MH-60 Romeo multi-role helicopter for the Indian Navy in Indian tricolor. India has placed orders for 24 of these helicopters under a government to government deal with the US.

The helicopters are designed for hunting submarines, knocking out ships, and conducting search-and-rescue operations at sea. The Lockheed Martin-built helicopters would replace India’s aging fleet of British-made Sea King helicopters. During US President Donald Trump’s visit to India in February this year, India and the United States further strengthened their defense cooperation, with the two countries giving a nod to an agreement under which India will get USD 3 billion of advanced military equipment including Apache and MH-60 Romeo helicopters.

Every year, December 4 is celebrated as Navy Day to commemorate the decisive naval action by the Indian Naval ships on Karachi Port, which heralded the victory of India over Pakistan in the Indo-Pak War of 1971.


Awarded May 14, the deal calls for the rapid delivery of three MH-60 “Romeo” helicopters to the Indian Navy that was pulled from U.S. Navy deliveries in anticipation of the contract, according to Tom Kane, Sikorsky’s director of naval helicopter programs.“The Indian Ocean is pretty big, so it’s critical from a maritime security standpoint for the Indian Navy to have these aircraft to be able to patrol that ocean against any threats that they have,” Kane told reporters during a May 15 conference call. “It’s a really good fit for India. They are as excited to get the aircraft as we are to provide them.”


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