JeM Chief Meets Taliban Leadership, Seeks Help In Kashmir: Reports

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Pakistan-based terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Maulana Masood Azhar was in Kandahar in the third week of August after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan to seek their support in fomenting terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, sources said. Masood Azhar met Taliban leaders including Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the head of political commission. Masood Azhar sought help from Taliban for JeM operations in the Kashmir Valley.

Earlier, Masood Azhar had expressed happiness over the Taliban’s “victory” after they captured Kabul on August 15 praising the terror group for enforcing the collapse of “US-backed Afghanistan government”. In his write-up titled “Manzil Ki Taraf” (towards the destination) on August 16, the JeM chief applauded the “success of mujahideen” in Afghanistan.

A message is also being circulated among JeM functionaries at its markaz (headquarters) at Bahawalpur in Pakistan greeting each other on the victory of the Taliban. The Taliban and the Jaish-e-Mohammed are considered ideological comrades in interpreting sharia, the Islamic law, following the Deobandi school of Sunni Islam. Jaish-e-Mohammed has been active in carrying out terror activities in Jammu and Kashmir since it was founded by Masood Azhar since his release in 1999.

Masood Azhar was released from an Indian jail in exchange for the safety of passengers in the Indian Airlines flight IC 814, which had been hijacked by Pakistani terrorists. The flight had been hijacked on its way from Kathmandu to Lucknow. The flight was then taken to Kandahar in Afghanistan, where the Taliban were in power back then. Soon after the hijacked plane landed in Kandahar, the Taliban formed a circle around the airbus making sure that they remain in control of the situation till terrorists including Masood Azhar were released by the Indian government.

There has been speculation that the Taliban’s return to helm of affairs in Afghanistan may push terror activities in Jammu and Kashmir for their past connection with the Jaish-e-Mohammed. However, the Taliban recently said they would not allow the Afghan territory to be used for terror activities directed against any country.

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