Indian Army Launches ‘Operation 500’ In J&K Against Pakistan’s Terrorists

Pakistan continues to be the hotbed for terrorists while the Indian Army continues to foil its treacherous attempts. It has been revealed that 500 terrorists are being trained by Pakistan to infiltrate in Jammu and Kashmir from different launchpads across the LoC.

The Nagrota terrorists had undergone commando training in one such Pakistani terrorist training camp. There are around 500 such terrorists across LoC who are currently being trained to infiltrate and launch attacks in J&K.

Security forces are on high alert and have initiated ‘Operation 500’ to eliminate these terrorists. After the Nagrota attack, PM held a meeting and security forces are on a high alert in view of the anniversary of 26/11.

There have been more than 5600 Ceasefire Violation attempts so far since the abrogation of Article 370 and Indian forces have been retaliating strongly to these attempts. The recoveries in recent encounter in Nagrota have made Pakistan’s involvement evident in these terror attacks.

Army Chief General Narwane recently said that the Army is continuously thwarting Pakistan’s supply of weapons and the infiltration plot. For this Indian Army has launched ‘Operation 500’.

 It has been revealed that 270-300 terrorists are present in Pakistan at Kashmir’s doorsteps on various launchpads, in an attempt to enter India, while 193 to 200 terrorists are present in areas facing Jammu. Pakistan has been training these terrorists.

Indian Army has rehabilitated over 200 young boys from terrorism to the mainstream. These boys were brainwashed and prepared for intrusion and attempt to supply arms in the valley.

Army has been appealing to young terrorists to quit arms and join the mainstream, while it is continuously eliminating terrorist outfits from the valley.

Due to the constant pressure and terrorist elimination strategy of the Indian Army, Pakistan is currently on the back foot. 42 different Terror Camps and Launching Pads, from where Pakistan is trying to design its terrorist plot. Pakistan Army is providing a human shield to these terrorist camps.

Due to the continuous busting of infiltration attempts by the Army, Pakistan is puzzled and now has changed the location of its Terror Camps and Launching Pads.

Army Chief has made it clear that the Indian Army will shatter Pakistan’s terrorism plans as Pakistan is engaged in infiltration attempts and ceasefire Violation.

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