Indian Army Eyes AK-203, Kalashnikov Unveils Its Latest AK-19 Rifles

  • The rifle is based on the AK-12 platform, featuring the same design and ergonomics. The rifle’s distinct feature is being chambered in .223 NATO (5.56x45mm) – a round used by most modern militaries in the world.
  • The AK-19’s barrel length is 415 millimeters, and its weight is 3.350 grams.
  • The rifle features the same full-length Picatinny rail across the top cover, much like the AK-12, and was shown with reportedly a new rear peep sight, which can be seen in a video released by Kalashnikov Concern on its Facebook and Instagram handle.
  • According to the post, the rifle’s barrel length is 415mm, compared to 386mm of its obvious-rival M4 carbine. The gun is due to be presented at the Army-2020 International Military-Technical Forum from August 23-29, at the Patriot Park, Moscow.
  • The twist rate is specified to be 1:7 inches, common for the modern 5.56x45mm chambered rifles. Strikingly, the stock shown in the video is much different from the telescopic stock generally shown on the AK-12 – which the company has claimed to be improved over previous models.
  • The company also stated that the rifle has improved ergonomics and a new muzzle device which can allow mounting quick-attach suppressors. The magazines too, are similar new polymer-built with windows denoting the number of rounds left.
  • Kalashnikov Concern has made several iterations of the AK-12 platform, distinctively having the front sight combined with the gas block- which was derived from the development of the AK-100 series.
  • Primary iterations include the AK-15 (the 7.62x39mm variant), the RPK-16 (LMG variant), and the AK-308, a rifle which was made prospectively for the orders from the Indian Army following its request for .308 NATO rifles, and other buyers along with the civilian market.
  • The Indian Army recently finalized AK-203 to equip its soldiers with replacing the INSAS rifles. Following the Make In India initiative by Modi-government, Kalashnikov has agreed to set up a factory in the city of Amethi, and the deal is expected to be inked during the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to India in October.

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