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Decoding CornerShot weapon system (CSWS)

Counter-terrorism and urban warfare operations are getting deadly day by day. Such combats are mostly a close quarter combats. Thus in such conditions, there is always a high risk for soldiers of getting exposed to the enemy fire. Hence the corner shot weapon system is an excellent innovation to eliminate this risk.

Cornershot is basically a weapon accessory. It is very useful in various tactical operations. It allows its user to look around the corner. Also one can shoot at the armed target without exposing oneself to the counter-attack. Thus this weapon system is preferred by SWAT teams and special forces worldwide for counter-terrorism and urban warfare operations.

Cornershot At Aero India 2011
CornerShot At Aero India 2011

History of CornerShot weapon system

Several attempts were made in the 20th century also to develop this type of weapon system.

1. The Periscope rifle

Periscope rifle was invented during the trench warfare of World war I. More specifically, during the Gallipoli campaign. Credit for its development goes to an Australian soldier Lance corporal William Beech. This thought came to his mind after seeing the bodies of his fellow soldiers shot through the head.

periscope rifle of world war 1
Periscope rifle during trench warfare of world war 1 (predecessor of cornershot)

He cut the stock of standard Lee Enfield .303 rifle in half. Then he reconnected it with a board and a mirror Periscope. Also, a string was attached to trigger for firing. This allowed a soldier to fire from beneath the trench without exposing oneself to the enemy fire.

2. The Krummlauf

This word itself means the curved barrel. It was a German innovation. Here a bent barrel and Periscope were attached to the Strumgewehr 44 assault rifle.

The Krummlauf- German attempt to develop CornerShot during world war 2

But this proved to be a failure. This was because its barrel wore out quickly. Also, such a weapon cannot be relied upon for a victory in a full-fledged war.

3. The CornerShot

Finally, the successful innovation in this category came from Israel in the early 2000s. Lt. Col. Amos Golan, a retired officer of Israeli Defence Forces invented the corner shot.

CornerShot weapon system 9 mmpistol variant
CornerShot 9 mm pistol variant
Country of originIsrael
DesignerLt. Col. Amos Golan
ManufacturerCorner Shot Holdings LLC
UsersIsrael, India, China, Russia, etc
In service2003 – present
Weight3.86 kg
Length82 cm
Types of ammunition fired9 mm, 5.56 mm, 40 mm grenade

Working of the CornerShot weapon system-

  • CornerShot is actually a hinged chassis. On the front part, a pistol or a shotgun can be attached. It can accommodate pistols such as Glock 17, Glock 19, 9 mm Browning. Also, a video camera is there which provides an operator with a live feed. There is also a built-in tactical light that provides illumination in dark places. Thus it comes handy in day and night as well.
  • On the rear part, there is a color LCD display. Also, a separate chassis trigger is there. This is connected to the actual trigger of the gun. Other accessories such as visible and invisible aiming laser and scopes can be added. Thus CornerShot turns a pistol into the shoulder-fired carbine.
  • Also with a single button, it can be turned to left or right. It can turn around at 60 degrees angle. Thus it can provide the shooter a good view around the corner. Also with a single press, it immediately locks itself into the forward-firing positions.
CSWS 40mm UBGL variant
CSWS 40mm UBGL variant


  • Counter terrorism operations
  • Urban combat operations
  • Anti hijacking operations (also the hostage situations)
  • Shooting from a vehicle
  • Snipping
  • Surveillance
  • House intervention operations

But most importantly all these things can be done without exposing the soldier to enemy fire.

Service in Indian security forces-

  • CornerShot weapon system is there in service of Indian security forces. Presently, various SWAT teams of state police, the National security guards (NSG), Force one of Mumbai police, Rashtriya rifles of Indian Army, and many other special forces use CSWS.
Delhi police SWAT with CornerShot weapon system
Delhi Police SWAT member with cornershot fitted Glock17 stationed during independence day celebrations in 2019

Indigenization of the CornerShot weapon system-

  • Here DRDO’s Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE) comes in the picture. It has developed the Trikaal CornerShot weapons system (CSWS). It has also undergone trials with Army’s Rashtriya rifles in the Kashmir valley. However this comes in three variants to accommodate in-service 9 mm Pistol, 5.56 mm carbine and 40 mm Under Barrel Grenade Launcher (UBGL).
  • Also an Indian private sector company, Zen technology has developed ShootEdge CSWS based on ARDE’s model. This model was firstly demonstrated at International Security Expo in 2015.
Indian ShootEdge CSWS
Indian ShootEdge CSWS
  • Thus CornerShot weapon system offers a great tactical advantage to the soldiers. It provides superior capabilities with enhanced protection. Therefore the CSWS is going to remain one of the most favorite weapon systems of the forces. It holds a great promise in counter-terrorism and urban warfare conditions in coming future as well.

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