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If All Sukhoi-30 MKI Are Called, Only 143 Will Be Available Out Of 272?

Note:- The last official statement regarding the operational availability of Sukhoi 30MKI from the government was given in the 2014 CAG report. India is on the Brink of war due to the situation at LAC which is very complex, and LOC never seems to learn and remains a burning topic always. The 2 front war …

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Nirav Kotak

A Mechanical Engineer and a Defense Enthusiast wanting to share knowledge and learn more from others as well.


    1. Not necessary as china built its own fighter jets whether it be j20 or other so they dont have to depend on other countries to wait for parts..
      Similarly pak is china’s best friend and its jf thunder was a joint collaboration with china
      Hence parts are easily available

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