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FAUG Team Deathmatch (TDM) is finally available as a beta release. Developer nCORE Games had earlier promised the beta version would be available on June 21st, but they missed the date. On Sunday, nCORE Games posted a tweet announcing that the FAUG TDM mode beta release is now available for download, although there are only limited slots available. This means you will need to download the early access version soon if you want a chance to try it out before the official release. 

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nCORE Games tweeted that FAUG Team Deathmatch Mode is now available as a beta release with limited slots. TDM mode is a multiplayer mode that is different from the main story version that was launched a while back. In Team Deathmatch, you will team up with online players or your friends and battle with other players in a 5v5 battle.

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Get into the campaign mode and become a valiant soldier OR get your battle buddies and stack your aiming and tracking skills against a team of 5 in an unforgivingly fast and hostile PVP team deathmatch mode. Choose from a range of lethal weapons and experience a soldier’s thrill and adrenaline rush at the forefront of battle! Experience fast action-packed gameplay in a closed sandbox with 5 opposing combatants and real-world inspired weapon
Get into our first TDM map, Bazaar; a sub-urban environment, coupled with ample cover and vantage points to take that defining shot and cement your victor.


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  1. Defence Matrix, this is Ghastly Parrot a regular viewer as well as a subscriber of your channel. In your yesterday’s defence update video, I heard that you are going to do a live stream on your gaming channel. It is my earnest request to please do a live – stream of BGMI ( Battlegrounds Mobile India ). Some people say that this game is far better than BGMI and I’m obliged to partially agree to it. But, I don’t agree that FAUG is not at all good. It is a good and healthy effort taken by the Indian Gaming Community ( I.G.C. ). Please sir along with FAUG please do a live stream of BGMI and COD-M ( Call Of Duty – Mobile ).

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