FAU-G Team DeathMatch Mode Coming Soon

Hello Defence Lovers, FAU-G was recently launched in India and at the time of the launch, the game had only the story mode enabled. The company did announce that the Team Deathmatch mode will be coming soon.

nCORE Games, the developers behind FAU-G have still not announced the release date of the new game mode. However, the publisher has tweeted that the TDM mode is coming soon. 

They Tweeted “Find your friends, form your squad, fight for freedom! FAU-G’s multiplayer Team Deathmatch mode is coming soon! “

This could mean that the new game mode will be made available to the FAU-G players very soon.

The game mode basically allows the players to form a team and fight against another team. During the deathmatch, the players will be respawned even if they get killed and they will earn points for their team if they achieve a kill. 

As the game has only showcased hand-to-hand combat till now, it will be interesting to see how the shooting mechanics work in FAUG and whether the developers will be incorporating complex aspects such as bullet drop and recoil or just stick to the basic point and shoot strategy. We might not have to wait for long to find out, so stay tuned in.

CLICK HERE to download the game in case you have not downloaded the game yet


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