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Interesting Facts About DRDO’s Anti Drone System

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed an anti-drone system that was deployed in Delhi at red-fort for Prime Minister safety. Unprecedented security ring was thrown around the red fort there were around 4000 personnel to protect PM MODI from threats and over 300 security cameras were also installed for security and their footage was being monitored round-the-clock. PM Modi delivered his independence day speech, listing his government’s past achievements and presenting the roadmap for the future.


According to DRDO, this system can bring down any micro-drones that travel in swarms through either jamming of command and control links or by damaging electronics of drones through laser-based directed energy weapons. The comprehensive is to tackle the problem that drones may pose to national security agencies, “DRDO said in a statement”.

DRDO Anti Drone System at Red Fort

In addition, this anti-drone technology can detect and jam micro-drones at a distance of up to 3km and destroy a target 1-1.25 km far depending on the wattage of the laser weapon used. The DRDO said that this solution can be an effective counter to increased drone activity in the northern and western borders of India.

The DRDO system can detect and identify drone threats at a moment’s instance and terminate them. unmanned aerial vehicles, mostly of small size, are called drones. They are controlled remotely and can be utilized by miscreants or militants for carrying explosives apart from other threats they pose.

The DRDO system successfully neutralized an incoming drone during trials using the kill system. The counter-drone system has capabilities to both detect and destroy drones in the air

The counter-drone system was first deployed to provide security cover to the Republic Day Parade this year which was attended by Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, along with other dignitaries.

The system was also deployed In Ahmedabad for the Modi-Trump roadshow where they were asked to thwart any aerial threat from drones.


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