Dream Of Every Soldier!! Know about ACC, SCO, and PC SL Entry?

Hello Defence Lovers. This is the 4th article of the series “Want to be an Officer?” Know about Dream of Every Soldier!! ACC ENTRY, SCO SCHEME, and PC SL ENTRY by reading this article.

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Know about ACC, SCO, and PC SL Entry.


This article is specifically for those defence aspirants who are serving in the armed forces or going to serve the armed forces in the future as a soldier but after that, they want to become a GAZETTED OFFICER in the Armed Forces itself.

The 3 Entries i.e. the ACC ENTRY, SCO SCHEME, and PC SL ENTRY are only for serving army soldiers and therefore, civilians can’t apply for these Entries.

But before going ahead with the details, let’s give you brief details about all Officer Entries.

All Officer entry with age limit

1NDA (M)16.5-19.5
2TES (M)16.5-19.5
3B.Sc. NURSING (F)17-25
4UES (M)18-24
5NCC (M/F)19-25
6CDS (M/F)20-24
7AFCAT (M/F)20-26
9TGC (M)20-27
10ACC (M)20-27
11JAG ENTRY (M/F)21-27
12SCO SCHEME (M)28-35
13PC SL (M)UP TO 42
14AFMS (M/F)30/31/35

In the above table, you can see M or F or both written against each entry in a bracket. M means Male, and F stands for FEMALE. It means that if only M is written against any entry, then that entry is for MALE candidates only. Similarly, if F or M/F is written against any entry, then only FEMALE or MALE and FEMALE both can apply for that specific entry.
The age shown in the rightmost column is at the time of commencing of course of that specific entry and not at the time of filling of forms.

Now, if you want to know about-

  • NDA, TES, UES, and NCC ENTRY then click on the link HERE
  • B.Sc. Nursing, CDS, and AFCAT then click on the link HERE
  • TGC and JAG ENTRY then click on the link HERE


This is an entry provided by the Army for the soldiers who have the passion to become a Gazetted Officer in their organization.

The Army Cadet College Wing trains soldiers from the regular army, navy, and air force for commission as Officers in the [Indian Army]. The ACC feeds into the Indian Military Academy Dehradun. The nature of training at ACC and NDA is nearly identical, as both run a three-year degree course in science and humanities. But, the added advantage that the ACC cadets bring to the Army as officers is the deep understanding of the soldier’s life and a consequently better appreciation of the tasking of the men.

The selection for admission to ACC is based on a written test and subsequent selection via the Services Selection Board. ACC has been in operation for 80 years now and has graduated some notable alumni.

But unfortunately, the entry criteria for ACC (oft changed) means that most officers would retire before ever becoming the COAS in India, because of age constraints at promotion to higher ranks, irrespective of performance.

Eligibility Criteria for ACC Entry

1. Age Limit for ACC Entry

20 to 27 years and candidate must have served at least 2 years in service.

2. Qualification for ACC Entry

10+2 Pattern Class 12th pass or Equivalent, and the candidate must qualify the written exam for ACC.

3. Marital Status for ACC Entry

Married/Unmarried both.

Vacancies in ACC ENTRY

75 (Twice per Year)

Training at ACC (Army Cadet College)

Four Years (Three Years in ACC Wing & One Year at IMA)


PC(SL) stands for the Permanent Commission Special List, which is another type of entry similar to ACC entry with minor changes.

Eligibility Criteria for PC SL

1. Age Limit for PC SL

Maximum age 40 years, 45 years for Engineers, and 45 years for IOB with Minimum 10 years of service.

2. Qualification for PC SL Entry

Matric and above.

3. Marital Status for PC SL Entry

Unmarried / Married serving JCO’s / NCO’s excluding Sepoys

Vacancies for PC SL Entry

100 per course ( once per year)

Training of PC SL Entry

8 weeks at AEC Center and College Pachmarhi, and 4 weeks at IMA, Dehradun


SCO entry is another type of entry for soldiers, in which soldiers with 32 years of age can also apply. They do get a chance even when they have reached the ranks of Havildar and JCOs.

Eligibility Criteria for SCO Entry

1. Age Limit for SCO Entry

28 to 35 years with minimum 5 years of service

2. Educational Qualification for SCO Entry

Matric with 1 year diploma or above.

3. Marital Status for SCO Entry

Unmarried / Married both.

Vacancies of SCO Entry

100 per course (twice per year)

Training of SCO Entry

8 weeks at AEC Center and College, Pachmarhi, and 1 year at OTA, Gaya.

How to Apply for ACC, PC SL, and SCO Entry?

As said these entries are only for serving Indian army soldiers and not available in the public domain. One needs to contact the concerned department of his unit to apply for such entries.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading the article: Dream of Every Soldier!! Know about ACC, SCO, and PC SL Entry?

Please share this with your family and friends, who are serving in the forces or are planning to serve the armed forces as a soldier so that this will be of some use to them.

If you have any doubts regarding “Dream of Every Soldier!! Know about ACC, SCO, and PC SL Entry?”, please write it in the comments or you can also send a mail to me. My e-mail ID is at the top of the article.

Thanks for reading.




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  2. Sir thanks for your latest uploads
    Request to pls inform me the latest updated age to apply for SCO commission.
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