An Era Of Digital Spying

In this digital era, it’s a very big question for the secret agencies to find out how does the spy networks are working.

Recently a Chinese company has been blamed for eyeing on 10,000 Indians. An article by Indian newspapers “Indian express” claims that this company is linked to the Chinese people’s Liberation Army and the Communist Party of China. Indian Express says that the company possesses the database of the big leaders of India like PM Modi, Chief Ministers of many states, opposition leaders like Sonia Gandhi, Chief of Defence forces, Chief Justice, Judges of Supreme Court, MPs, and even the Sarpanch of villages.

  • Indian Express says that when they tried to reach the company to inquire about them they just closed their website. Even Britain and Australia also claim of being spied by the Chinese companies. These companies have a database of many big leaders and ministers or different countries.
  • British newspaper daily mail claims that Chinese companies have a database of more than 40,000 English people including Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister.
  • Australian news agency ABC news claims that the Chinese companies have a database of more than 35,000 Australian peoples.
  • Even America claims of being spied by Chinese companies.

Experts say that data privacy and protection isn’t only just for study. Now it’s the perfect time to master digital spying, that’s what China is doing. Even some countries had imposed restrictions on Chinese students because China is using every profession in their spying.

In 2017 China passed the National Intelligence Law, which says that if needed every Chinese industry and resident would have to work for Chinese intelligence. This made countries to discriminate with them, as it will be a matter of their national security. Even America had already imposed many limitations on Chinese residents to travel in the USA.

First China protected itself from Digital spying, then China started its digital spying trap. In China government’s permission is required to open a website. Chinese digital Spying is the best in the world and remains undetected in many big countries. China is using artificial intelligence as a great source to gather information about there enemies.

China’s Strategic Support Force

China had given the responsibility to PLA’s Strategic Support Force to gather the secretive information of many countries. Experts say that it isn’t a big matter of concern for India, but still, India is responding to it in a very strict manner. Recently India had banned many Chinese apps who were suspected of spying.


Data mining and Artificial Intelligence is a very big business, which is being carried on by many websites and apps. Now the time had arrived that India should make appropriate rules and regulations to stop the data mining, otherwise our citizen’s database will be in the wrong hands.

Experts say that till now India doesn’t know that where Indian’s is being stored, and who is using it. It will be a long journey for us to master in this field, but it will only start with proper planning and strategies.

Jai Hind!


Dipendra Singh

I had embarked myself on the path of an army officer who will live on his own terms, for a good cause and will embrace the death with glory, whenever it will arrive .

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  1. The article is really awesome and truth what China is doing with as. We should take a strict action against China and his Spying industries . By not using any chinese app or any chinese website and also by not buying Chinese products but we will take time in this buying products till any alternative of that product by Indian industry

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