China Opens 5G Station At World’s Highest Radar Location Near Tibet

China has opened a 5G signal base at the Ganbala radar station in the remote Himalayan region of Tibet which is the world’s highest manually operated radar station at an elevation of 5,374 meters, the Chinese military’s official website reported on Monday. The mountain is located in Nagarze County in Tibet which is in the vicinity of borders with India and Bhutan.

At the end of last year, the People’s Liberation Army started to coordinate with civilian enterprises to launch 5G base station construction in Ganbala to solve the difficulty of network access for the border defense troops, the website said. The stable and high-speed 5G signal enables the soldiers in the deep mountains to keep up with the information society, leaving the monotonous and boring life on the border, it said. It is part of efforts to improve training and on-duty conditions for soldiers stationed in border areas, it added.


Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is urging the government of US President Joe Biden to crank up its 5G game, warning that “China is about 10 times ahead of us” and that the “dire situation” is already an “emergency”. “I estimate that China is about 10 times ahead of us in the 5G space. This is a national emergency. The United States needs to get the necessary bandwidth and funding to the telcos to get that built out, we may have already lost that one, that’s how dire the situation is,” Schmidt told CNN on Sunday. Schmidt’s remarks segue into the raging debate over China’s Huawei, the world’s leading peddler of 5G technology which came in for peak skewering during the former Donald Trump presidency.


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