CDS Rawat Warns Taliban Against Spilling Of Terrorists Out Of Afghanistan

chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat warned the Taliban that any activity from Afghanistan’s side will be dealt with in the same manner the Indian forces deal with terrorism in the country. “As far as Afghanistan is concerned, we’ll make sure that any activity which is likely to flow out of Afghanistan and find its way into India will be dealt in the manner in which we’re dealing with terrorism in our country,” General Bipin Rawat was quoted by ANI as saying on Wednesday.

General Bipin Rawat further welcomed inputs to fight the global war against terrorism. “I think, if any kind of support can be forthcoming from the coordination, in at least identifying the terrorists and getting some intelligence inputs to fight this global war on terrorism, I think that would be welcome,” General Bipin Rawat said. Speaking about the situation in the Indo-Pacific region, General Bipin Rawat said it is not the same as that in Afghanistan.

“I think the Indo-Pacific and the Afghan situation shouldn’t be looked at from the same prism. They’re 2 different issues. Yes, both pose challenges to security in the region but they’re on two different planes. Those two parallel lines are unlikely to meet,” General Bipin Rawat said. “We’re concerned about what’s happening anywhere in the region. It’s not just northern neighbour, even our western neighbour has nuclear weapons systems. So we’re surrounded by two neighbours that are armed with these strategic weapons,” General Bipin Rawat said

“We’re evolving our strategies accordingly. Studying this intent of our neighbours, we’ve gone in for a Triad. We’re evolving and developing our capabilities accordingly…Conventionally we’re very strong, we’re capable of dealing with adversaries with our conventional forces,” General Bipin Rawat said.


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