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All About Aero India: A Perfect Place For Air Shows And Exhibitions

Aero India is an exhibition displaying various aviation technologies of the world. It is also famous for conducting air shows by aerobatics teams of Indian Air Force. Defence Exhibition Organization takes the responsibility of conducting this show and exhibition every two years at Yelahanka in Karnataka. DRDO along with Indian Air Force and Defence Ministry of India contributes in successfully organizing of Aero India. It is the largest air show in Asia, which is conducted in India.

Asia’s largest Aviation Event: Aero India!

Lakhs of people from different countries witness this event every two years. Many industrialists and business personnel visit every time to gain knowledge about technology in the field of defence manufacturing. As a result, more and more brilliant minds can join hands for research and development together. The event is organized in the area of more than 1 lakh square meters. People enjoy the scene where aircrafts presents themselves with various kinds of stunts and formations.

The last event was organized in 2019 and the upcoming event will take place in 2021. Here is the list of all the events:-

  • 1996 Edition                                                                                               

1996 was the very first year to organize the exhibition. It was the first time when people from different backgrounds and manufacturing units could meet each other to discuss some ideas. Indian Aerospace companies and aviation industry got to meet buyers of new technology.

  • 1998 Edition

The second edition started on December 8. The show included the fly pasts of various aircrafts operated by Indian Air Force like Jaguars, MIG-23, HAL Tejas, Mirage 2000 along with mighty Sukhoi-30MKI. Many internal aviation industries were also present at exhibition, which included Boeing, Airbus industries, Dassault etc. along with Indian companies HAL and DRDO.

Starting Of New Century With New Challenges In The Field Of Technology

  • 2001 Edition

Third edition of Aero India held at Yelahanka Air Force Base on February 7. This was the first such event in 21st Century. New Century presented new opportunities for industries as well as potential buyers.

  • 2003 Edition

5th to 9th February of this year witnessed this great event with new hopes and opportunities. 176 companies from 22 countries participated with great enthusiasm. It was an energetic atmosphere in Bangalore. George Fernandes, then Defence Minister of India, inaugurated the event. Almost every part of the world came at the event at Bangalore. The delegations were present from United States, Africa, Europe, and many other places. Then Prime Minister of France, Jean-Pierre Raffarin also visited Bangalore to witness the exhibition. Hal Dhruv also marked its presence by performing their first ever display.

  • 2005 Edition

UAVs And Surveillance Aircrafts Displayed Future Possibilities

The Aero India 2005 attracted record 380 exhibitors from the world’s leading industries in the field of civil and military aviation, aerospace and airfield upgrade. A total of 80 aircraft including Fighters, Light Combat Aircraft, Advanced Light Helicopters, Intermediate Jet Trainers (AJTs), Maritime Surveillance Aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) displayed their flying skills and capability during the Aero India 2005 show. 

  • 2007 Edition

Sixth edition took place from February 7 to February 11. This was a special edition because it included all the major contenders for Indian Air Force’s MMRCA deal. Fighter Aircrafts of United States Air Force displayed their outstanding performances. Suryakiran Aerobatic team also left no part in showing their skills in air along with Sarang team of IAF.

  • 2009 Edition

In the seventh edition, which was held in Feb, month of 2009 at Bangalore, 289 Indian and 303 foreign industries participated. Countries from Europe, Africa and North America showed great participation. China participated in Aero India this year for the first time.

  • 2011 Edition

This edition was organized at the time when India and China were competing in global trade. Some news reported that China would not be present at the event. However, the news were false and Chinese people were present in the event in Bangalore.

  • 2013 Edition

Aero India 2013 started on Feb 6 and ended on Feb 10. More than 600 companies attended the event. That huge cooperation was highly successful in increasing synergy. Major foreign companies were from United States, France, Germany, Russia and United Kingdom.

Make In India Campaign Entry In The Event

  • 2015 Edition

This edition was very special to India. Tenth edition was organized with the idea of ‘Make in India’ campaign in focus. More than 70 aircrafts participated in the air show which made the event highly attractive.

  • 2017 Edition

Between 14th and 18th February, More than 500 companies including foreign and domestic firms, attended the eleventh edition. Four Aerobatic teams from three nations participated in the show with full energy. Sarang team of IAF, Surya Kiran Aerobatic team of IAF, Yakovlevs aerobatic team of Russia and Scandinavian Air Show team of Sweden showed the skills and strength of their troops.

  • 2019 Edition

This edition came up with the theme of Runway to a Billion Opportunities. Nirmala Sitharaman, defence Minister of India, got the chance to inaugurate the event. Yak Aerobatic Team from Britain also attended the show and displayed their fly-pasts.

Upcoming Aero India: Ocean Of Opportunities For Domestic Companies

  • 2021 edition

Thirteenth Edition is to be held from 3 to 7 February, 2021. This will bring more number of opportunities for Indian firms to collaborate with international companies and industries to expand globally and explore great challenges. However, due to the ongoing situation of Covid-19 pandemic, public will not be able to visit the event this time. But, people can enjoy the air show and exhibitions through online platform.


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