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A Head For A Head: Op. Apache

Op. Apache is one of the India’s most gruesome missions across LOC. The operation was meant to give an intense reply to our so-called ‘peaceful’ neighbour. History itself is evident of India’s most spine chilling operation ever conducted.

A head is the cost of your mistakes.

Because sometimes, you just can’t wait for the other person to say ‘sorry’, esp. when you know, that the same is not sorry.

Need of Op. Apache

Counter insurgency ops: part and parcel in J&K.

The year of 2001 was evidently witnessing a burgeon in insurgency at LOC. Pakistan sponsored terrorists and Pak rangers were influxing profusely in Indian territory. As a matter of fact, our forces made them chew dust. But in the midst of every defeat, Pakistan has a tendency to shed innocent blood.
After such a trouncing, Pak followed its instincts and started stealing cattle of Gujjar Bakarwals. Moreover, exacerbating the situation, they also started beheading and killing locals furtively. This time, they have crossed the limits. Unfortunately, they were not aware of the ensuing events and the kind of repercussion they will have to face.

Who Are Gujjar-Bakarwals?

Gujjar-Bakarwals on a move with their herds.

The Bakarwal is a peace embracing tribe based in the Pir Panjal and Himalayan mountains of South Asia. Gujjars are traditionally, and still mainly, goatherds and shepherds. They reside in the entire Kashmir region between INDIA and PAKISTAN.

They Are There For Us

Lieutenant General Ranbir Singh interacting with the locals.

The tribesmen swiftly approached Army officials and reported the incidents. Army regarded the same as the most apt opportunity to retaliate.

Calibration And Retaliation

A plan was prepared and the mission was christened ‛Operation Apache’. 9 Para SF was chosen to execute the plan. There should be no debate pertaining to why 9 Para. 9 Para is the best among the best.

9 Para SF operatives, somewhere in Kashmir.

These men are also known as the ‘Ghost operatives of India’ because of the secrecy they usually offer during a mission. Owing to the crucial nature of the mission, the CO of the battalion, decided to lead the company level mission himself.
The location was so chosen that one of the largest brigades of the Pak army was only a kilometer away. The message was clear, cause such deterrence, so that they will dare not to initiate any misadventures.

The Massacre Began, Advent Of Op. Apache…

Indian SF operatives entering POK.

Taking the advantage of pitch dark night, 70 Para SF commandos crossed the LoC on 19 November 2001. Two young lieutenants, just out of probation also took part in the operation.
That night witnessed a blatant barrage of hell on the enemies. Para was killing each and everyone that came into their sight. Heads were paying the reparations. Para spared no one in the whole operation. Everyone had to pay the price of killing innocents. In the meanwhile time, a 6 feet 4-inch tall terrorist stabbed an operative at the back. Though, it took a few moments to flatten him. Medics there quickly imparted medical aid and the operation went on.
Though there is very little information pertaining to the operation, sources claim that each and every terrorist was beheaded to pay the price.

Confirmation, But Still No Recognition

Some media reports and photographs also confirmed the success of the operation. Photographs explicitly prove that why Para is a nightmare for every wrongdoer.

Operation Apache is kept as a secret even after so many years after its accomplishment and is spoken about very less. The inferno that the army, especially the 9 Para has dragged upon the enemies took the enemies by shame. Ahead was the price of each mistake. Well, it is clear, why no one speaks about it very often.

In a Nutshell

The army has proven it time and again, that they will not hesitate to punish the offenders. As a matter of fact, our armed forces will continue to do so. We respect everyone, but certainly not at the cost of our people and their dignity.

Jai Hind!


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