India Steps Closer To Dominate The South China Sea

Along with the Indian Ocean, India will dominate the South China Sea. Recently India has signed LEMOA with the USA. Also signed a similar agreement with France, Australia, and Japan. China is trying to dominate the Indian ocean through the String of Pearls strategy where its main objective is to construct a naval base in the Indian ocean. But this strategy is going to fail with a very bad performance. There is no doubt that India will rule the Indo-Pacific region. Without using a penny India has gained access to many bases of different countries. For example, China owns a naval base in Djibouti, India can access it as France owns a base in Djibouti. With this logistic agreements, India increases its reach to fulfill its interests. And also India steps close to dominate the South China Sea.

Importance Of QUAD

Recently India has managed to establish a strong relationship with the USA. India has signed LEMOA with the USA. The USA has the largest number of overseas bases and along with that, the USA is now China-centric. Now its main objective is to counter China. India one of the members of QUAD is growing its naval presence in the South China sea along with the USA. Recently after the Galwan incident, India has sent its naval warships with the US warships in the South China sea to send a bitter message to China. Quad members should organize a naval exercise. India and Australia both are members of QUAD. This group is specially formed to counter Chinese activity in the Indian Ocean and South China Sea region. Cocos Islands are located in the Indian ocean. And one of the most important military base of Australia.

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Cocos islands

India’s Role In The South China Sea

India steps close to dominate the south china sea

The USA has many bases in the South China region such as South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, etc. India can access this bases and use it to increase the influence in the South China sea. Many countries in the South China sea are under Chinese aggression such as Vietnam, Taiwan, Brunei, South Korea, and many more. India the only military power in South Asia has to come up with its allied nation to curb the Chinese influence. In the coming years, Indian naval power is going to increase with an increase in its warships. India needs to come up with an aggressive policy in the South China region to safeguard its interest in the Asian continent. By this policy, India steps close to dominate the South China Sea in the coming years.

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India is now completely China-centric. Many countries in Asia are accepting India’s First policy such as Srilanka, Philippines, Vietnam, Maldives, Malaysia, and Myanmar. Even in today’s scenario, big giants are with India instead of China. This is the golden opportunity for India to be the Only Superpower in Asia. To become a superpower India needs to support Countries that are fed-up with Chinese aggression. India needs to grow its influence in the South China sea. There are many interests in the South China sea such as ONGC(Indian PSU) is exploring oil with Vietnam. India needs to patrol in the South China sea on a regular basis this will Increase its importance.


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