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Which Is The Best Arm Of The Indian Army To Choose?

Today I’m going to speak about something which happens to be the greatest controversy in the army. No, I am not going to tell you about reforms in the army. Nor I am going to speak pertaining to some institutional topics. Which is the best arm? Yes, you got it right, this is the topic that I am going to speak upon.
You all might have heard the name of the Corps of Signals or something like that. You also might have heard about the corps level organization in the Indian Army. Moreover, The troops are organized into 40 Divisions in 14 Corps. Don’t perplex, the latter is typically a formation or simply a sort of division in the Indian Army. Whereas, the former one is an arm in the Indian Army.

Let’s Begin About Our Arms

Well, we were discussing the best arm, aren’t we? Apparently, no arm or service can be considered superior over another. It would be rather offensive to speak about any particular arm. As a matter of fact, every arm or service plays a crucial role and work in synergy with one another.

The crest of Indian Army.

It is just a point of perception. An engineering graduate has nothing to do with riding BMPs. Moreover, a PARA SF guy has nothing to do with logistics. But without BMPs and Special Forces, how can one expect consistency. Your own attitude will decide your destiny. Let us have a look at which arm is best for you. I have discussed each and every combat arm below.

The Queen Of War

Rashtriya Rifles on a hunt in kashmir.

I am going to start with the queen of war. Infantry, in the simplest sense, can be termed as a group of foot soldiers. Yes, there are many more elements pertaining to the same too. If you have an aptitude for fighting a war, infantry is the best option for you. The soldiers who are directly involved in combat, come from infantry. In a nutshell, they are the main fighters (not taking credit away from the rest).

God Of War, The Artillery

Indian Artillery in action.

Secondly, let me introduce to you the God of War. Artillery is known as the God of war. Artillery has the potential of changing the face of the war. It can check the foundation of the enemy from a distance of thousands of kilometers. Arty can barrage hell upon the enemies. Kargil war is the very latest testimony of the fact that is being corroborated by history. Sound mathematical, geographical, and technical information about the guns is required.
It is often said

Don’t mess with someone who can put you to sleep from a different pincode.

I believe that the quote has specified it’s eminence itself.

Mechanised Infantry

Mechanised infantry’s Kestrel
Wheeled amphibious armored personnel carrier

Now, let me introduce you to the mechanised infantry. Mechanized infantry is infantry units equipped with armoured personnel carriers (APCs) or infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) for transport and combat. They have vehicles that provide them shelter against enemy salvo. Moreover, the vehicles are also provided with small howitzers, cannons, and machine guns. They ensure quite agile and fast mobility of troops.

The Newest King Of War

Ready to conquer each terrain, this is armoured!

Now comes the turn of the newest combat arm. As a matter of fact, armoured corps is known as the King of the war. Many argue that armoured is the same as cavalry. Yes, in the sense that horses are being replaced by horses. Still, many regiments adorn the name cavalry as a part of their legacy. They can move almost on every terrain. They bring immense firepower at the doorsteps of the enemy. Armoured is provided with state of the art weaponised platforms and tanks.

Corps Of Signals

A convoy of signals at Rajpath.

Next, here comes the corps of signals. Signals are providing standard subscriber communication services to the Army during peacetime by way of telephone, TELEX, FAX, e-mail, voice-mail, and data transfer by establishing state-of-art communication systems and networks. This is what the army says about signals. Sound knowledge in the field of communications technology.

Corps Of Army Air Defence

A Russian gun deployed to secure airspace.

AAD, Corps of Army Air Defence, as it is known in the armed forces and is tasked with air defences of the country from foreign threats. It protects the Indian air space from enemy aircraft and missiles, especially below 5,000 feet. This altitude is crucial, as it becomes quite difficult to be intercepted by the air force. These troops are highly trained and are stacked with modern missiles and guns.

Army Aviation Corps

Aviator of Army Aviation Corps

If you aspire to fly while you are interested in the army, this one is for you. Army Aviation Corps has saved many lives in the face of calamities and is being tasked with providing crucial logistics. It plays an important role in reconnaissance. Siachen glacier has witnessed active service of AAC, ever since it’s raising. They are a small arm comparatively but have a quite crucial role to play.

Corps Of Engineers

Corps of engineers crest.

Now comes the turn of combat engineers of the Indian Army. As a matter of fact, a combat engineer is a soldier specialist who performs a variety of military engineering, mining, construction, and demolition tasks under combat conditions. The engineer regiment is the basic combat engineer unit, analogous to an infantry battalion. Besides the combat engineers, the Corps mans and operates major engineering organisations such as the Military Engineer Services, the Border Roads Organisation (BRO), the Married Accommodation Project, and the Survey of India.
Military Engineer Services (MES) is the largest construction agency. These are the best of engineers. These people bestow the war zone with technological inputs.

A Last Word

So, friends, these were the main combat arms of the Indian Army. Here, the roles of services are equally important. Every regiment has got something special in it. I highly recommend you to follow your passion. Because the Indian Army is the only organisation in the world that lets you become everything you want to be. Even if you are a guy of infantry, you can play everything you want. Further, you can fly in the air, have your presence felt everywhere. You will solely be the person in charge of the land you command. Adventure, every sport, every passion, and every art is considered, this is Indian Army friends.

Indian Army, a place of infinite opportunities.

I hope you all will take advantage of the brief introduction given above. I wish you to follow your passion and be everything you want.



Chaitanya Shukla

I am a defence aspirant and an army enthusiast. I am committed to ardently work for my nation and for my people! From Rashtriya Military School Chail.


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