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Understanding The AMCA Programme: Part 2

Hello defence lovers, in the last article we started discussing India’s upcoming 5th generation fighter jet programme i.e. Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA). We understood the need, current state of development, possible timeline and numbers of AMCA. Read- Understanding The AMCA Programme: Part 1 In this article, we will discuss some more interesting aspects. We …

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Prasad Gore

A defence enthusiast. Writing on Defence, Aviation and International Relations. M.A., NET (Defence and strategic studies).


  1. Will Amca use brahmos ng it’s internal weapons bay ??
    I think Amca is going to have two internal weapons bay each having capacity of 4.well article is good.

    1. Yes it can but i must be in its internal bay… for stealth mode
      To destroy ground targets (territorial bases) of our one of the most best friends…. btw.. aap ko pata chal hi gaya hoga me kis ki baat kar raha hun.. Not only territorial bases , they can also blow out idiots (neighbours) residing in middle east.


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