Sticky Bombs Recovered In Jammu; Security Forces On Alert In Valley

(This article is originally posted by the Hindustan Times)

The Jammu & Kashmir police on Wednesday said they have recovered around two dozen sticky bombs in Jammu that have been introduced to add a new dimension to the insurgency in the region and prompted security agencies to amended procedures to deal with the new threat.

“We have information that sticky bombs have also come into the Kashmir Valley and despite rigorous searches, we could not recover any,” said Vijay Kumar, the inspector general (Kashmir range).

The sticky bombs are improvised explosive devices (IEDs) with magnetic properties that have been used in places like Afghanistan.

Kumar said there have been changes in modus operandi from suicide attacks to IED blasts. “After Fidayeen [suicide] attacks stopped, there were attacks on checkpoints in 2019-20. This year, two incidents of IEDs [blasts] have happened and we have also busted two IED modules. This shows that their target would be to conduct small IED blasts. It is a concern for us and with that has emerged a new dimension of sticky bomb.

Kumar said he went to the Srinagar airport to show photographs of sticky bombs to Central Industrial Security Force guarding it. “told them what kind of bombs these are and what adverse effects they can have. We have alerted all,” said Kumar. “We are all alert and also appeal the people to inform police if you find any such thing.”

Kumar said they have arrested seven people for their alleged involvement in two IED-making modules before a vehicle-based attack could have been carried out. He added they had motivated a college student through telegram and other apps. “He was tasked to arrange a second-hand car and the explosive was to come from north Kashmir. He was tracked and arrested.” Kumar added his three associates were also arrested and the car has been recovered.

He said they have arrested three more people for allegedly planning an attack on a building at Pampore and recovered a 25 kg container with explosive ammonium powder sourced from north Kashmir. “Both the modules were motivated online through apps.”

Kumar said 39 people involved in stone-throwing in Srinagar on Friday last have been arrested and 12 of them have been booked under the Public Safety Act, which allows detention without trial for up to two years. “we are not going to tolerate stone pelting.”

Hindustan Times


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