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S-400: The Upcoming Stalwart Of Indian Military

We often listen to a friend in need as a friend indeed and this fits a tee in the case of India and Russia. Be it a disaster, trade, and energy or military alliance both nations keep showcasing their friendship to the world. Russia was the first to offer aid to India during the devastating second wave of the covid pandemic. Now India is all set to procure the S-400 air defense system from Russia.

Recently Russia’s arms exporter Rosoboronexport announced that It would send the first batch of ‘S- 400′ to India by October-December as per schedule. Notably, India and Russia inked a historic deal worth $ 5.43 billion for five S-400 systems. The deal was signed during the 19th India-Russia annual bilateral Summit in October 2018

Earlier there were assumptions that India might step back from the deal due to US federal law CAATSA(Countering America’s adversaries through Sanctions Act). But New Delhi contradicted the assumptions and firmed on the agreement despite all the ominous sanctions.

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What Is S-400 Air Defense System?

S-400 Triumf is a modern long-range surface-to-air missile defense system. It is popularly called ‘SA-21 Growler’ by NATO. It is manufactured by the Russian company ‘Almaz Antney’. S-400 is an upgraded version of S-300 and was firstly deployed in 2007.

It is capable of annihilating all kinds of aerial targets including aircrafts, rockets, ballistic and cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles. It acts as a shield for incoming attacks within range of 400 km and at an altitude of 30 km.

S-400 air defense system is an integration of three main components-

(i) a long range surveillance radar

(ii)a battle management and weapon control system(BMC)

(iii) a vertical missile launcher

Working Of S-400 Air Defense System –

Firstly, the radar system detects the incoming object, advanced algorithms in the system calculates the speed, trajectory, or location of the offending rocket. The launch vehicle releases an interceptor missile which detonates its own rocket, splitting and creating the fragments. These fragments, in turn, strikes the warhead of offending rockets and finally destroys it. The missile is capable of operating with three types of approaches, namely Front, side, and rear approach. However, the Front approach of the missiles is the most effective.

An interceptor missile being launched by launch vehicle of S-400 (Source: Getty Images)

India , being buffered between two warfronts, namely Pakistan and China, desperately needs to update its defense system. We need weapons like S-400 to show and prove the upper hand to enemies. Arrival of S-400 in India will not only hamper the aggressiveness of the rivals but also historicize the traditional relations of India and Russia.


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