Rajnath Singh Conducted An Aerial Survey Of Navy’s Project Seabird

Today morning Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh left for a two-day visit to Karnataka’s Karwar and Kerala’s Kochi to review some ongoing projects. While visiting Kochi he will review the progress in construction work of IAC. Today Defence Minister Rajnath Singh conducted an aerial survey of the Indian Navy’s Project Seabird in Karwar of Karnataka. He was accompanied by Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh.


The largest naval infrastructure project for India, it involves the creation of a naval base at Karwar on the west coast of India. Upon completion, this $3 billion program and effort will provide the Indian Navy with its largest naval base on the west coast and also the largest naval base east of the Suez Canal.

During the decade-long project, AECOM will manage and oversee the planning, design, contracting, construction and acceptance of the entire works, including construction of a new Naval Air Station.

The new and expanded naval complex will be able to support several major warships and submarines and yard crafts. A specialised dockyard repair and maintenance facilities (with piers, wharfs, revetments, quay walls, etc.), covered dry berths for ships and submarines, new technologically advanced security and communication systems, a Naval Air Station (including multiple runways, hangars, housing, ordnance handling areas, services, personnel support infrastructure, etc.), various utilities systems as well as housing and residential complexes at multiple locations are some of the other facilities that the base will feature.

Located on a partially hilly terrain along the coast, the project involves several technical and environmental challenges. A significant amount of site work will have to be carried out as a portion of the area in the sea will be reclaimed. Additionally, the facilities have to be built on hilly terrain.


Today, it gives me immense pleasure to have a closer look at the ambitious ‘Project Seabird’ of our Navy and to be present amongst all of you thereafter, After the completion of this project, I believe that our trade, economy, and humanitarian aid operations, including our security preparedness, will be further strengthened In the coming time, it is going to become Asia’s largest and Naval base. For this, I congratulate the Navy family, and all the countrymen in advance. Right now when I was doing an aerial survey of this project, I was clearly seeing its progress and its future. I was told that the country’s first sealift facility has been prepared in this project

In our maritime and national security, the Indian Navy has played a crucial role. Be it the Goa Liberation War of 1961, Indo-Pak War of 1971, the Navy has played an important role in these times of crisis by showing its strength and courage at every step At the diplomatic level also, our Navy has helped in increasing the power of India.

In this way, the Navy has continuously strengthened our relations globally, not only as a defense power but also in the context of global interests If you have courage, you can overcome even the biggest challenges. Our forces have done this, Indian Navy has played a big role in bringing oxygen supplies, containers, and other equipment from various countries even when our country faced the crisis of oxygen, The Navy played a major role in continuously strengthening our relations with our maritime neighbors, and the vision ‘SAGAR’ (Security & Growth for All in Region), envisioned by the Hon’ble Prime Minister with the objective of peace and progress in the Indian Ocean Region

Our Navy is fully prepared for the times to come, its capacity and capability should be increased further, its coordination and jointness with the rest of the services should increase. The government has made many major changes, For domestic procurement, 64% of the capital procurement budget has been allocated for the first time in 2021-22. While many fundamental changes have been made for indigenization in the Defense Acquisition Procedure 2020, the FDI cap has also been increased to 74% I believe we will be successful in making the Indian Navy one of the world’s three biggest naval powers. I end my request by conveying best wishes to our Navy, Karwar station personnel, and Western Naval Command for success in their future endeavors.


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