Race Of Being A Superpower

Many empires emerged as a superpower and vanished. Roman Empire considered as the first superpower, even after being very dominant it vanished with time. Then came the Mongol empire led by the Genghis Khan, the world’s largest land empire which too vanished after a certain period of time. Then Britain who established its supremacy over a quarter of the world’s land, but was unable to maintain it. And then after World War II the United States emerged as a superpower and still carrying the legacy.

Contenders For Superpower:

Brazil: Brazil is a very ambitious nation and rising economically and politically in the world, makes it a contender for being the next superpower. It’s full of enormous natural resources, possesses 1/10th of the world’s freshwater, and is also a supplier of minerals. Brazil is ready to tackle the big environmental issues arriving in the future and to act as a responsible nation. But lack of proper military will act as a hurdle in Brazil’s path.

China: China being the most populated country, is the rising economy and a military superpower. China is also considered as a secondary superpower by scholars. China had established its business in the south-east and African region and trapped the small Asian countries by its Debt-Trap policy to regulate their actions and to hold the grip in world politics.
researchers are expecting China to surpass the United State’s economy by 2040. Being equipped with a large population, a large economy, and a high-quality life; China is already being considered as a superpower by the European Union.

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India: In 2017 Harward researchers stated that India was the fastest growing economy with 7% of annual growth. But this fastest-growing economy has many more challenges to overcome such as a rigid caste system, rural poverty, corruption, and inequality.
Though, India has a politically stable democratic government since its independence. A country with a rising economy and population has to overcome challenges like malnutrition, rural poverty first to get a tag as a superpower, and to set its afoot in world politics.

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Russia: A country with an aging and shrinking population is the most deserving contender of being a superpower. Having an impressive military and aggressive foreign policies sets it on the front foot to receive the tag.

Even after considering all of these factors, researchers say that a country that will leave behind the racism, caste discrimination, and corruption; will lead the race and will emerge as the next superpower.

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