Perspective of Russia on India-China Conflict

  • Amid the India China border conflict everyone is expecting Russia to act as an arbiter between both of us. Russia is a good friend of both India and China, and both are expecting favour from her.
  • Even in the 1962 war the Soviet Union acted as an arbiter but maintained its neutral position. And depicted China as a brother and India as a friend. But now the Soviet Union had collapsed, so only Russia can act as an arbiter, who is a good friend of both countries. On the other hand, China has bad relations with the US, hence the US can’t mediate between us. And in the same way, India has bad relations with Pakistan but a good friend of China, hence Pakistan too can’t act as a mediator between both countries. Russia is the only country left to act as an arbiter.
  • Though Russia will not come out as an open supporter of either of us. Even Russia described it as an internal conflict between two friends of her’s. And Russia made it clear that they will not go against China, but will help India in any possible way. Even Russia assured fast delivery of Sukhoi and Mig-29 fighter jets.
  • But still, India is a Democratic country whereas China is being ruled by a tyrant like a leader, hence Russia will prefer India more than China. But nowadays Russia possesses better relations with China too. And Russia doesn’t want to affect their relations with neighboring countries, so it will be impossible for Russia to support any nation openly

Why Will China Listen To Russia?

  • China nowadays considers itself a bigger superpower than the US, so the question is prevailing that why will China listen to Russia. That will be because China possesses bad relations with the US, and to counter the US in the future China will need help from Russia. And that can be only possible when China will value Russia.
  • But China will never desire to get on a war with India because it will be mutual destruction for both of us. So, Russia is the only option left with China for the future, if the situation gets more worsen. But India possesses a handful of options, and the greatest of them is the Quad invitation from the US, but the Government is yet to decide on that. And we all know that India doesn’t need anyone to fight with the enemy, what we do need is our people to support our country.

Jai Hind!


Dipendra Singh

I had embarked myself on the path of an army officer who will live on his own terms, for a good cause and will embrace the death with glory, whenever it will arrive .

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  1. Though there are some other points too in China Russia relation and the strain on it. The chinese claim on Russian city Vladivostok the espionage case due to which S400 missile supply was stopped. An old conflict between them due to which USA started funding china. And the question of Russia’s security seeing the Chinese regime’s action. India has maintained it’s position as a friend and has proved worthy of relation.

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