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Life in Rashtriya Military Schools

The motto of Rashtriya military schools:

Sheelam Param Bhushanam

Character is the greatest virtue

Rashtriya military schools are one of the finest and one of the oldest defence establishments in the Indian subcontinent. These schools were established from King George V’s royal patriotic fund. Therefore, the cadets who reside here adorn the title ‘GEORGIAN’! There are as many as 5 military schools in India. As a matter of fact, there is no dearth of such information on the internet. So today, I’ll be sharing some of my experiences and obscure facts about ‛RMS CHAIL’!

Rashtriya Military School Chail (academic block)

A warm welcome

CDS BIPIN RAWAT entering the premises of Rashtriya Military School Ajmer

It was just the first weekend after my advent into the school premises. Time was 2000hrs when 6 whistles took the whole dormitory by storm. My classmates told me that we have to go to ‛fall in’. And then, I saw a few cadets rolling, few doing push-ups and few moving on hatches! I articulately recognized that ensuing time is not that magnanimous.
That day went too long afterward! But having decent Ragda with batch has its own appealing essence!
I went to bed with cramped and aching muscles, head swirling badly and eyes half-closed. However, the sleep was stupendous! Thereafter, no other day was the same for me and for other Georgians too! Have I told you the reason for getting Ragda? We actually disturbed a senior from his sleep!

The Golden Legacy

Sound Military training is imparted to cadets

The military school has provided the nation with many valant and lustrous gems. Be it Capt. GS Salaria PVC, Lt. Gen. IS Singha, myriad Brigadiers, Majors, and the list goes on. Every year several cadets from the school itself, join armed forces and the legacy of sacrifices continues with them. They outperform in every walk of life. The reason is simple, struggle, discipline, and the ethos borrowed from the armed forces turn an individual into a better citizen and best leader.

The braveheart Captain GS Salaria

A Trip To Remember

Georgians have a legacy of carrying out excursions and raids! Let me tell you about one of the mediocre stories. We were as usual heading towards a temple in a squad of 10 members. The trip was meant to be covert as the temple was out of bounding for us. But we never felt that way. If the destination is in our reach, then there is no boundary. We started by light running on the cross country track and then we traversed through the forest. Then we were to take the road to the temple. It was going to be a half an hour trek. We finally reached the temple, all in a hurry and half exhausted.

We took some photographs, enjoyed the view from the hilltop, and then we started our journey back to the hostel(Nalanda House). Only after completing a quarter of the route, we sensed some real peril. Few vehicles influx towards the temple and they were all teachers(formidably)! Luckily, no one noticed us as we jumped and slouched in the bushes.

Lucky peril

Then we saw a jeep coming forth towards us. We started waving, as we recognized that it was our football coach(quite affable). That jeep stopped next to us and a familiar voice came, “Tum kya kar rahe ho yahan”? We peeked through the window and realized that now we are gone. A comprehensive contingent of PTI sir, DI sir, and a few army personnel was in the vehicle. We admitted our mistake. And after a brief ‘negotiation’ PTI Sir told us to leave as fast as we could and reach the dormitory before them, otherwise we would have been gone. We were badly galvanized by shock and then we made a record-breaking run of half an hour. That day adrenaline was emanating in the blood profusely. We reached our dormitories in a flustered state. Though we could have been severely punished, the staff was generous enough to forgive us. That day turned out to be a very good incident which taught us that it is fine to accept mistakes and that there is time management everywhere (in running too)!

The Game-Changing Element: Sports & Games

Sports infrastructure at the world’s highest cricket ground

Sports is the binding matrix in the institution. We get to learn discipline, perseverance, and most importantly teamwork from sports. Sports events take place very often in school. Cross country is one mega event in which every cadet from the house makes a run for the dignity of one’s house and himself. As usually perceived, cross country is not only an event of stamina, but it involves scrutinization of terrain and a winning strategy. It requires teamwork and contribution by all to get the most decisive thing, i.e., ‛success’.

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That team spirit in Rashtriya military schools

Even after weeks of practice, rhetoric and a powerful address by seniors, platitudes of victory in mind, the essence adrenaline existed till the very last moment. Even after getting first place in the seniors’ category, we (Nalanda house) lost the contest. It was a major setback for us as we were the athlete house and we proudly said that “running is a passion here”. But the fact is that running is indeed a passion here and no mere failure can let us down. We will learn and bounce back.

A major lesson learned by me was that it was all teamwork, it can be only you and the other person. You are nothing without the other one even if you do phenomenally well. There is a team or there is nothing!

Well, the saga of Georgians will continue to be that way. As a matter of fact, the Rashtriya Military School Chail is going to celebrate its 100th anniversary in a few years! I am pretty sure that the institution will continue to provide the nation with thriving leaders!

Jai Hind


Chaitanya Shukla

I am a defence aspirant and an army enthusiast. I am committed to ardently work for my nation and for my people! From Rashtriya Military School Chail.


  1. I am from Rashtriya military school belgaum. It was marvellous place where the spirit of senior and junior class mates also.
    When I came in this school my 7 day in this school is dangerous movment because of the 2 hours punishment called #RAGDA.
    The punishment is school captain or 12 class cadets came and said School savdhaan ,vishram savdhaan #NICHE.
    We became cock and simply we go up and down our waist . Front roll back roll frog jump 500meter . Hit the buts from hockey stick, leather school belt buckle , Rod wooden stick of bamboo.
    But there teacher are very bad the don’t have teaching skils . Cadets study thier own in late nights . Earlier teachers are good .
    School Tie is most precious thing in school and also boxing 🥊 gloves. After the classes we go to mess after meal seniors were punished of frog jump from mess to house (hostel) About 400m . Some popular peoples are from this institution KUMUD KUMAR MISHRA , MANISH DANGI . Abuses are common word from every cadets mouth . My roll no. Is 4772 . But I leave school Because of study. But I have some things of RMS BELGAUM like the Cup , t-shirt of #georgian BELGAUM. It is great institution but you study you own My name is ABHISHEK KUMAR.

    THE COMMENT ON TOP user name Kuldeep Yadav he is my senior he passed out from military school. Jai hind

  2. It was nice to hear your tale Abhishek. I am 4174 Dipender Kumar from RMS CHAIL. I am the batchmate of the author 4199 Chaitanya Shukla. I am glad to know about your experiences in the school.

  3. Well – written, Chaitanya !! Great job and well – described !!

    Chaitanya has always been bright and upto something better !
    May God always bless you, son ! My best wishes are with you !

    Jyoti Sehrawat

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