Operation To Rescue Hostage Reveals 200m-Long India-Bangladesh Tunnel

(This article is originally published by the Times of India)

Assam Police have found a 200m -long tunnel connecting India and Bangladesh in Karimganj while rescuing a man who was abducted from there, SP Mayank Kumar said on Friday. Cops believe the tunnel is used for international smuggling or abduction.

Police unearthed the 200m tunnel while rescuing Dilwar Hossain who was abducted on December 28. The abductors had called his family demanding a ransom of Rs 5 lakh.

After returning, Dilwar informed cops about the tunnel and on Friday, a special team conducted a search operation in Balia area. Kumar said the tunnel is hidden deep inside a forest with a barbed fence over it. Dilwar said the tunnel leads to Sylhet in Bangladesh and miscreants use it regularly to smuggle goods or take abducted people to the other side. “BSF has already been asked to close the Indian side of the tunnel,” SP Kumar said.

According to Dilawar, there are around 63 “natural gaps” along an approximately 92km-long border in Karimganj.

Infiltration is rampant through these places as there are 22 unfenced patches. In May 2018, a similar tunnel was found at Madanpur in Karimganj district which was used for cattle smuggling.

Bangladesh border guards have agreed to maintain vigilance in the vulnerable areas and act to curtail border crimes including human trafficking, smuggling etc. The outcomes of the conference will further make our bond strong.

Few days back Five Bangladeshis and 12 Indian nationals, including one tout, were caught by the border guards while illegally crossing over to this side near Ramnagar outpost in Nadia district with seized cattle is estimated to be Rs 2,25,230 in local market.

Times of India


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