Mortal Remains Of One Pilot Of Chopper That Crashed Into Ranjit Sagar Dam Found

The mortal remains of one of the two pilots of an Army helicopter that crashed into the Ranjit Sagar Dam lake near Pathankot nearly two weeks ago were found, military sources said on Sunday.

The search and rescue operation for the mortal remains of the second pilot continues, they said.

“Mortal remains of Lt Col AS Baath retrieved from a depth of 75.9 meters at 6:19 pm from the Ranjit Sagar lake. Efforts to retrieve mortal remains of the second pilot continue,” a source said.

Lt Col Abheet Singh Baath

The Rudra helicopter belonging to the Army Aviation wing had crashed into the lake on August 3 when it was carrying out a training sortie.

A multi-agency team was carrying out the search and rescue operation. It has already recovered the wreckage of the chopper along with some pilot gear.

The chopper belonged to the Army’s Pathankot-based Aviation Squadron.


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