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Training In The Armed Forces- Eminence and Pertinence

“The more you sweat in peace the less you bleed in war.”


Training plays a very crucial role in the development of an individual both physically and mentally. It is always said that hard work pays, yes hard work pays but when enriched with proper skills. And to shine a single skill one has to train for several hours and for myriad months if not years. Even in the field of sports, brilliant sportsperson reaches the highest of the feats, the Pinnacle of success and zenith because of training only.

Everyday is a fight. Practice hard to excel!

Training can be tedious causing listlessness at different stages but it pays actually. Training is of really great eminence in armed forces, promising to overcome each and every kind of encumbrance through experience. They often say luck never pays but training does.

RAGDA (Another word for Punishment):

As it is known in armed forces and is one of the most important sections of the training spectra in the academies MoD run institutions.

Some people regard Ragada as a way of physical torture but actually it toughens the body, makes it robust and situation ready. The most common way to punish someone is to make the latter run continuously.

RAGDA: Only persistence can make it!


Maharaja, murga up down, push-ups, crawling, front and back rolls are few ways to give someone ragada decently! You name it…and you have it! Although variations are always welcomed!


A fact worth mentioning is that training is meant to train minds efficiently as well. People often understand that Ragada involves physical strength, but it involves perseverance, and one’s mind will accomplish a task. A true but obscure fact is that military kind of training makes an individual mentally so tough that he/she can undertake stressful situations and tackle them easily.


Well, in this article I have associated training with defence forces but actually in every walk of life training proves to be very helpful. It inculcates discipline. Leading men efficiently in stressful conditions is the resultant of training only.

So, train well, thank your teachers, Ustads, Trainers, and Instructors!
Enjoy training!



Chaitanya Shukla

I am a defence aspirant and an army enthusiast. I am committed to ardently work for my nation and for my people! From Rashtriya Military School Chail.

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