Indian Army To Induct 7 lakh ‘Nipun’ Made In India Anti-Personnel Mines

According to the information given by the Senior Army official, the Indian Army’s Corps of Engineers getting a new set of anti-personal and anti-tank mines for acting as the first line of defence against enemy infantry and armored columns or terrorist trying to infiltrate into own territory. These mines will have a powerful mix of RDX.

With these mines, the Indian army can get great success in fighting against the enemy sitting in an ambush. Actually, many times enemies use mines to attack the army. Now the army has also found its own way to deal with it just like “Tit for Tat”.

These mines have been developed by an Indian firm in partnership with the DRDO. The new anti-tank mines have greater stopping power against enemy tanks due to their advanced design and sensors, Army officials said. Prachand, Ulka, and Parth are also some of the new mines that are coming up for induction into the services in the near future, as reported by ANI.

Nipun Anti-Personal Mine

Also, Indian Army chief Gen Manoj Mukund Naravane will today induct the first set of indigenously developed next-generation Armoured Engineer Reconnaissance Vehicle into the Corps of Engineers. According to the army officials, the system will enhance existing engineer reconnaissance capabilities of the Indian Army and would be a major game-changer in support of mechanised operations in future conflicts



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