Security Agencies On Alert After Intel Suggests IM Creating Sleeper Cells

(This News Is Originally Posted On India Today By Arvind Ojha)

Security agencies have been put on high alert after they received inputs of the terrorist organisation Indian Mujahideen making new modules of sleeper cells. India Today has received exclusive information from agencies that top terrorists of Indian Mujahideen, who had been hiding in different countries, including Pakistan, have set up a new module of a sleeper cell in India.

Sources said Pakistan’s ISI is behind the rise of the sleeper cells.

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The Indian Mujahideen carried out dozens of terrorist attacks in Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarat, Bangalore Hyderabad, Pune, and Bihar from 2006 to 2013-14, in which hundreds of people lost their lives. The IM carried out serial blasts in Delhi in 2008.

Various central agencies and special cells of police departments in various states, including Delhi, had carried out operations to weed out the IM sleeper cells.

According to the information received by India Today, the last few terrorist attacks in India bore marks of the IM. This prompted intelligence and security agencies to spring into action.

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