Why China Is Provoking India?

When the world is fighting with the Chinese virus, China is planning to expand it’s territories further. China is continuously provoking India and other neighboring countries and is managing to arrange disputes across the borders. China’s border clashes with neighboring countries were rare in older times, but nowadays it’s like globally trending. Every action of china is happening regarding its expansion policies. China is using this pandemic as a medium to exploit neighboring nations.

Why is China provoking India and trying to capture Indian territories?

Dis-agreements over the border: China says that they never agreed on border agreements with British India, and they claim that many Chinese territories fall under the Indian region. Even they don’t consider Arunachal Pradesh as Indian territory, they hold a claim for the whole of the Arunachal Pradesh. Although British India signed a treaty with Tibet in 1914, which confirmed Arunachal Pradesh as Indian territory by McMohan Line separating both the countries.

Show of strength: China wants to show the world that they are the global power, and wants that every country should consider them as a one. China isn’t only in dispute with China, but also in the South-China sea with Vietnam, Japan, and other countries. China is actively increasing it’s a military presence in the South-China Sea and is claiming many islands as of their territories. China wants to show others that China is very much concerned about their sovereignty and will capture everything that they believe is theirs.

Infrastructure: India and China are rapidly increasing their infrastructures across the LAC. China tried many times to stop India’s infra development across the border, sometimes by tensing the situations, sometimes by diplomacy. Even during the Doklam conflict, China successfully persuaded India to stop construction across the border; but this time India replied in a very aggressive way and even boosted our construction, to show that India can defend their sovereignty along with their borders.

Though some reports suggest that Chinese actions are just to divert world’s mind from the Chinese virus and stop criticizing them. However, everyone knows that whatever is China’s intentions, but India can defend it’s borders and can do everything to defend its sovereignty.


Dipendra Singh

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