IMA POP 2021: Award Ceremony Of Spring Term Courses Held At IMA

The award ceremony of Spring Term passing out courses was conducted at the Indian Military Academy’s Khetarpal Auditorium on Wednesday. The awards are a true recognition of the tremendous achievements of the Gentlemen Cadets and acknowledge their pursuit for excellence not only confined to academics but encompassing the whole range of activities that make for well-rounded and balanced training.

Lieutenant General Harinder Singh, Commandant, IMA, gave medals and awards to cadets who excelled in various fields during their pre-commission training at the academy. At the ceremony, 148 Regular Course cadets and 131 Technical Graduate Course cadets were felicitated.

Governor of Uttarakhand Trophy was awarded to Navsera Company. At the same time, Cadet Arvind Kumar, who stood first in the academics competition, was awarded the Rajput Regiment Silver Medal.

The prestigious motivational trophy was given to a Foreign Gentlemen Cadet (FGC) from Bhutan in true recognition of his excellent all round performance, which also reflected in the individual awards won by the FGC. Junior Under Officer, Kinley Norbu, won the awards on being adjudged as Best in Physical Training, Best in Turn out and Drill. He is getting commissioned in to Royal Bhutan Army and is part of 84 FGCs passing out this term from nine countries.

A special award of recognition was also presented to FGC, Ehsanullah Saadat, from Afghanistan, for his zeal and untiring efforts to excel. The Afghan GC also won the award on being adjudged for best in service subjects, outdoor exercises and book review amongst FGCs.

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On the occasion, the following Gentlemen Cadets and Foreign Gentlemen Cadets from Friendly Foreign Countries were felicitated :


1.PARACHUTE Regt MedalGC adjudged best in Endurance and Physical Toughness of the POCJUO Astik
2.9 GR MedalGC standing first in Mil Studies of the POCCSM Saksham Goswami
3.SIKH Regt Silver MedalGC adjudged best Sportsman of the POCBUO Mukesh Kumar  
4.DOGRA Regt & SCOUT Wing  MedalGC adjudged best in Obst Competition of the POCGC Dinesh Jaggi
5.MARATHA LI  MedalGC adjudged best in PT of the POCJUO Kinley Norbu
6.SIKH LI Silver Medal (General Bhagat Memorial Medal)GC adjudged best in Turnout and Drill of the POCJUO Kinley Norbu
7.RAJPUT Regt Silver MedalGC adjudged best in Academics of the POCCQMS Arvind Kumar Bagoria
8.JAT Regt Silver MedalGC adjudged best in OQ of the POCBUO Shivam Kumar
9.Corps of SIGNALS MedalGC standing first in Science and Warfare of the POCGC Ashish
10.Brigade of the GUARDS MedalGC adjudged best in Service Subjects of the POCAUO Deepak Singh
11.8 GR Medal “Sam Manekshaw Medal”GC adjudged best in WT of the POCSUO Pradeep Thapa
12.5 GR(FF) MedalGC adjudged best Shot  in LMG of the POCGC Manjeet Singh
13.JAK Rif MedalGC adjudged second best in Tactical Ability of the POCGC Manjeet Singh
14.RAJ RIF MedalGC adjudged best in Tactical Ability of the POCGC Saksham Goswami
Info Taken From : Defence Stories


15.Grenadiers TrophyGC adjudged best Shot in INSAS Rif of the POCGC Neeraj Rathore
16.Motivation TrophyGC adjudged Most Motivated  GC of the POCJUO Kinley Norbu
17.Col HH Raja Sir Harindar Singh Brar, Bans Bahadur, KCSI, Raja of Faridkot TrophyGC Adjudged  Best in INSAS LMGGC Shivam Choudhary
18.Deccan Horse TrophyGC Adjudged  Best Rider of POCGC Surender Singh
19.8th Course Re-Union TrophyGC Adjudged  Best in ITSGT Prajjwal Kala
20.Maj Shaitan Singh,  PVC(Posthumous) Trophy presented by 30thReg CourseGC Adjudged Best in WTGC Neeraj Rathore
Info Taken From : Defence Stories
Indian Military Academy Passing Out Parade 12 June 2021


S/ NoAward/ Medal/ TrophyAwarded ForAwarded To
1.M & D ClubGC of POC (Both Reg and TGC) adjudged best in M&D Club ActivityGC Karun Bakshi
2.Journalism ClubGC of POC (Both Reg and TGC ) adjudged best in Journalism Club ActivityGC Naveen
3Arts ClubGC of POC adjudged best in Arts Club ActivityGC Subham Kumar
4.AcademicsGC of POC (Both Reg and TGC) standing second in AcademicsCSM Saksham Goswami
5.Paper Writing CompetitionGC of POC won the Paper Writing CompetitionGC Sumeet Mal
6Excellent performanceGC from FFCsGC Ehsanullah Saadat (Afghanistan)
7.Leadership Matrix (Book Review)GCs of POC adjudged best in Leadership Matrix (Book Review)SUO Affan Hussain
8.Leadership Matrix (Lecturette)GCs of POC adjudged best in Leadership Matrix (Lecturette)CSM Saksham Goswami
9.Leadership Matrix (Review Essay)GCs of POC adjudged best in Leadership Matrix (Review Essay)SUO Affan Hussain
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S NoCountryNo. of Eligible FGCs for Course Completion Cert / DiplomaGC Earmarked to Receive
1.Afghanistan43FGC Ehsaullah Saadat
2.Bhutan18JUO Kinley Norbu
3.Maldives01GC Ahmed Mowmur
4.Mauritius04GC Christian
5.Kyrgyzstan01JUO Bekhbolotov Kuban
6.Tonga01GC OV Vete
7.Sri Lanka01GC Dilushan Vijaysinghe
8.Tajikistan13GC Abrahim Jon
9.Vietnam02GC Dang Quacdung
Info Taken From : Defence Stories


S NoAward/Medal/ TrophyAwarded ForAwarded To CoyBn
1.Sir Alwyn Ezra TrophyCoy Standing First in Weapon TrgAlameinTh
2.The Nawab of JoraTrophyCoy Standing Second in Weapon TrgKerenBh
3.Inter Coy Physical Trg CupCoy Standing Overall First in Physical TrgSangroMa
4.3rd GORKHA Regt TrophyCoy Standing Overall second in Physical TrgZojilaMa
5.Burma Army TrophyCoy Standing Overall First in SportsDograiTh
6.Air Chief Marshal Dilbagh Singh TrophyCoy Standing Overall Second in SportsJessoreMa
7.Admiral Sushil Kumar, AVSM, NM, ADC, Chief of Naval Staff TrophyCoy Standing Overall First in Professional CompetitionMeiktilla  Th
8.Governor of Uttarakhand TrophyCoy Standing Overall First in AcademicsNausheraCa
9.ADG AE TrophyCoy Standing Overall Second in AcademicsKerenBh
10.Army Cdr ARTRAC BannerCoy Standing Overall Second in Inter Coy ChampionshipNausheraCa
11.KUMAON TrophyCoy Standing Overall First in Inter Coy ChampionshipDograiTh
12.JAT Regt TrophyCoy Standing Second in Professional Championship (PT, WT, Drill & Service Sub)ZojilaMa
13.Comdt’s BannerDrill First in Inter Bn ChampionshipThimayya Bn
14. Coy Standing First in Ex Diamond BeltAlamein Coy & Chusul Coy/ Th Bn Jointly stood first in Ex Diamond Belt
Info Taken From : Defence Stories

Lt Gen Singh, in his address, mentioned that the country demands willing, unhesitating, unfaltering obedience and loyalty from each young officers. “The leadership is composite of several qualities. Among the most important are self-confidence, moral ascendancy, self-sacrifice, fairness, initiative, decision, dignity, and courage,” said Lt Gen Singh in his address to the cadets. The Commandant also said that it is important for an officer to maintain a competitive streak within the parameters of sportsmanship and fair play at all times.

“The urge to win and excel as a team should always be there. In armed forces, it is always a collective effort that matters and there are no runners up in a war,” the Commandant said. He also appreciated the performance of the cadets during training despite the constraints and challenges faced due to the spread of Covid-19.

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