G20 Summit In Kashmir- A Road to Prosperity In The Valley


The recent attack on an Indian Army truck is not just another attack by Pakistan, this attack assumes significance since the time of this attack is worth noting. Next month India is going to host a G20 meeting in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan from day one onwards is opposing the event, arguing summit is being held in the so-called disputed territory of J&K. Let’s discuss these things in this article.

Terror Attack On Indian Army

An Army vehicle moving between Bhimber Gali and Poonch in the Rajouri sector in J&K was attacked by terrorists and it is reported that terrorists have used sticky bombs and armor-piercing bullets. In this attack, we lost five of our brave hearts of the Rashtriya Rifles Unit deployed for Counter Terrorist operations, in this area. With this attack, Pakistan is trying to destabilize the region and disrupt the event. With this, it’s trying to convince the world that Kashmir is not normal and accusing India of diverting the issue of so called human right violation in Kashmir by hosting the summit.

Summit in Kashmir

As you know India is hosting the G20 summit this year, of the many that are to be held all around the country, G20’s Tourism Working Group meeting is to be held in Srinagar next month (May 22). For the Tourism Working Group, a grand meeting is scheduled at Srinagar Sher-e-Kashmir International Conference Centre in Srinagar. Arrangements have been made for the officials to visit to the Dachigam National Park and the world-famous tourist resort of Gulmarg.

Pakistan Objection

The Summit has become the center of attention of the world. With consistent tensions between India and Pakistan, the event has become a cause to worry for the neighboring country, which is doing all within its power to try and disrupt it. According to reports, Pakistan has been attempting to destabilize the summit. They are doing this by launching a disinformation campaign, encouraging nations not to send their representatives and officials to the summit, using the issue for political points, and even attempting to spread anti-India slogans in the region. Pakistan on Tuesday said India is “exploiting” its membership of an important international grouping to advance its “self-serving agenda”.

“With its decision to host G-20 events in IIOJK, India is again exploiting its membership of an important international grouping to advance it’s self–serving agenda. For a country with a grandiose vision about itself and its place in the world, India has once more demonstrated that it cannot act as a responsible member of the international community, ” the Pak MFA statement said, claiming that J&K and Ladakh were “disputed” territories. Pakistan had urged its G20 allies, such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and China, to prevent the meeting from taking place in Srinagar.

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Indian Response

The official stand of the Indian government is that the summit is “entirely an internal affair of India,” and that any attempt to disrupt it will be dealt with strongly. While the government is extra vigilant and has sent in additional forces to ensure the event is peaceful. International response to the summit has been generally positive, with many countries looking forward to strengthening their economic relations with India through it. External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar said, “The summit will also reaffirm India’s commitment to the value of global tourism and we look forward to welcoming all participating countries. India’s commitment to travel facilitation and endorsement of tourism as an engine of growth, jobs, and investment will be made clear at the summit.”

Why The Summit In Valley Is Important?

The G20 is a group of twenty major economies in the world, with India being one of the core members. The summit has been organized to bring international tourists to the region. “The importance of such a summit cannot be overstated,” said an official of the provisional government in Jammu & Kashmir. The G20 Tourism Summit will witness participation from world leaders, business leaders, and experts from various fields of travel industry.

The summit aims to promote global cooperation in the tourism sector. It will also seek to encourage investment in the tourism industry and also expect the creation of jobs for the locals which would stir the area to normalcy which for a long time have got affected by “state-sponsored terrorism by Pakistan”. The G20 meeting is also an opportunity to demonstrate to the world that normalcy has been restored in the Union Territory and showcase the region’s potential as a tourist destination.

Also, the Government of India has been taking several steps to promote tourism in Jammu and Kashmir.
1. Special Tourism Package: The government announced a special tourism package worth INR 1,000 crore for Jammu and Kashmir, with a focus on developing tourism infrastructure, promoting adventure tourism, and enhancing the tourist experience in the region.
2. Destination Promotion: The government is actively promoting Jammu and Kashmir as a tourist destination through various marketing and promotional campaigns. The Ministry of Tourism has launched several initiatives to showcase the state’s cultural heritage, natural beauty, and adventure tourism opportunities.
3. Improvement In Connectivity To Region: The government is making efforts to improve air and road connectivity in Jammu and Kashmir. The expansion of the Srinagar International Airport, the construction of the Zojila Tunnel, and the improvement of the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway are some of the key projects undertaken to improve the ease of travel for tourists.
4. Special Focus on Winter Tourism: The government is promoting winter tourism in Jammu and Kashmir, particularly in the popular ski resort of Gulmarg. The development of ski infrastructure, including ski lifts and snow-making machines, is being undertaken to attract tourists during the winter season.
5. Special Tourism Zones: The government is planning to develop special tourism zones in Jammu and Kashmir, with a focus on adventure tourism, wellness tourism, and cultural tourism. These zones will provide world-class facilities and services to tourists, to enhance the overall tourism experience in the region.

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How G20 Event In Srinagar Is Exposing Pakistan’s Anti India Propaganda

Pakistan is a nation well-known for its propaganda and misinformation, in particular when it comes to the narrative of the Kashmir region. Pakistan has engaged in a charged campaign of anti-India propaganda concerning the disputed region of Kashmir. Pakistan has spread numerous false claims against India, allegations that are quickly echoed by Pakistan’s media outlets, supporters, and sympathizers. Pakistan has taken its rhetoric to a new extreme, reinforcing a narrative of India as an oppressive, imperialistic force. Pakistani leaders have often utilized talk shows, press conferences, and television spots and rallies to spread their anti-India rhetoric in both the domestic and international media. Pakistan’s false claims such as India attempting to alter the demography of the region and the economic status of its citizens, to the outrageous, such as acts of genocide and torture. Spreading false information about India’s alleged human rights violations and its supposed use of military force in Kashmir to subdue its people. Not only are these allegations completely baseless, but also stand in stark contrast to the facts.

In a concerted effort to counter Islamabad’s Propaganda, India has come up with some practical steps to expose the lies. In recent months, India has taken numerous steps to counter Pakistani Propaganda, including hosting the G20 Tourism Summit in Kashmir. This summit has enabled global leaders and dignitaries to interact with the local people of Kashmir, who were allowed to present their version of the truth. This summit aimed to counter Pakistan’s claims of Indian oppression and to show that the locals in Kashmir are free to lead normal lives and exercise their rights. By hosting this historic summit, India was able to showcase its ongoing efforts to bring back peace to Kashmir and buzzing development and economic activities such as the smart city project in Srinagar, various other infrastructure projects that are being done in the valley. India has remained resolute in its efforts to counter Pakistan’s hostile propaganda narrative. The Indian government has been engaging in vigorous diplomatic efforts to brief the international community on the ground realities of the Kashmir issue. Furthermore, it allowed India to showcase the region’s beauty and reality.


The event is an important opportunity for India to showcase its investment potential when it comes to tourism. The former state of Jammu and Kashmir has numerous sites to penetrate the international tourism market and attract foreign tourists. It also allows India to be seen as an important force in the global tourism sector, and promote economic growth and peace in the region.


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