First Public Outing Of An IAF Jaguar With ASRAAM On An OverWing Pylon

It’s all systems go for the first test-firing of an MBDA ASRAAM close combat missile from an Indian Air Force Jaguar combat jet. The photograph you see here is the first known photograph in the public domain of an IAF Jaguar sporting the ASRAAM.

Indian Air Force (IAF) has revealed the Jaguar fighter with MBDA ASRAAM on an over-wing pylon at Aero India 2021. The ASRAAM program is part of a larger churn in the Indian air-to-air missile scene, with several new missile assets becoming operational in IAF service in the near future.

Indian Air Force has launched a program of long-standing $700 million plans to replace the Jaguar’s old and notoriously underpowered engines with new turbofans, an effort in which U.S. firm Honeywell’s F125N engine emerged the sole possibility. The re-engine program is now dead owing to cost and priorities.


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