Coup in Myanmar: India’s Dilemma Of Ideals And Interests

Hello defence lovers! In this article, we are going to discuss a very sensitive issue. The coup in Myanmar and the violent crackdown on the civilians is becoming bloodier and deadlier every single day. On Myanmar’s Armed forces day Parade in which the Myanmar army celebrates its ironic independence from the Japanese occupation, 114 innocent civilians who were peacefully protesting against the military ( the “Tatmadaw”), were brutally murdered. Many of them were women and children, some were shot in the head. The military is bombing innocent civilians in the border areas. Till now over 500 people have lost their lives. The American sanctions are doing no actual harm to the Tatmadaw. These Barbaric actions are not crackdowns, these are turning into a genocide.

Myanmar Military’s Barbarism

After the coup in Myanmar, the military has broken all the limits of barbarism. Its soldiers are openly murdering the civilians. There is a massive humanitarian crisis in Myanmar. Myanmar airforce is bombing its own citizen in the south of the country, killing innocent people including women and children. People are trying to flee to Thailand due to the Airstrike but Thailand has denied entry to them. How can a military bomb its own people, those very people whom they had sworn to protect? There are reports that the Myanmar army’s mercenaries (these devils don’t deserve to be called ‘soldier’ as protecting the country and its citizens is a soldier’s ultimate duty ) are shooting people in hospitals and funerals. The situation in Myanmar is terrible. The World cannot just watch silently the crimes against humanity being committed in Myanmar.

What Is The World’s Largest Democracy Doing?

India being the world’s largest democracy just cannot remain silent on the coup in Myanmar and this genocide. Ironically India and Bangladesh are celebrating the Golden Jubilee of the victory of the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation war. But isn’t the barbaric actions of the Tatmadaw similar to Operation Searchlight (Operation Searchlight was the codename of planned mass murders and rapes of Bengali people by the Pakistani military in East Pakistan prior to the Bangladesh Liberation War). If we can fight a full-scale war to liberate a country to save its innocent people, then why cannot we even criticize the Tatmadaw and exert some pressure on it.

Indian Government exceeded all the limits of hypocrisy when it attended the Myanmar Military’s armed forces day parade when the rest of the world has boycotted it. Indian representatives shook hands with the Tatmadaw generals whose hands were soaked with innocent civilians’ blood. Remaining neutral for saving strategic and economic interests but openly participating with the murderers is intolerable.

India’s Economic and Strategic Interests in Myanmar

Both economically and strategically Myanmar is very important for India. That is the prime reason why India is still silent on this issue (rather extending its support to the Myanmar Military). Let us understand what are these interests which are more valuable than innocent civilians’ lives.

ONGC and GAIL have million-dollar investments in Myanmar for discovering oil and gas. Apart from that Myanmar is a potential arms market for made in India weapons. Previously Myanmar has purchased made in India Torpedoes from India. India has even gifted INS Sindhuvir, a modified Soviet Kilo-class diesel-electric submarine to Myanmar Navy.

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Myanmar is also the central pillar for India’s ‘Act East’ and ‘Neighborhood first’ policy. Many multinational projects including strategically important ports are in pipeline. Moreover, the Myanmar military has genuinely controlled anti-India Insurgents and Militants operating on its soil. But is this enough for India to remain silent?

The Bitter Truth

“In geopolitics, there are neither permanent friends nor foes, there are only permanent Interests”

The bitter truth is nobody really cares what is going on in Myanmar unless there are some hidden economic interests or agendas. Had India invaded the East Pakistan to end the inhuman massacre and form the Bangladesh if there was no refugee crisis? Had the US led coalition invaded Iraq if there were no oil and gas reserves?

What message are we sending to the entire world by not doing anything, instead our representatives shaking hands with the murderers in Myanmar? Is that what a country aspiring to be a global superpower supposed to do? Is that world’s largest and greatest democracy supposed to do – remain silent to protect its economic and strategic interests? Why can’t we pass a resolution to support Myanmar’s democratically elected government? Why can’t we pressurise Myanmar’s military to stop the genocide? Why can’t we express our solidarity with the innocent civilians protesting to restore democracy in their country? The answer is just because there is no refugee crisis like in 1971. If we cannot do even these things to save our neighbours then why do we ask for a Permanent Seat in United Nations Security Council?

The Indian Government must wake up now and act. At least being a temporary member in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), India must at least appeal the UN to send a peace keeping force for the time-being to prevent the crackdowns turning into a genocide.


Sheershoo Deb

I am a defense aspirant preparing to be an officer in the prestigious Indian armed forces. Earning the prestigious blue uniform is my dream.

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