BSF To Erect High Tech ‘BOLD-QIT’ On Indo-Bangla Border

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After successful implementation of high tech BOLD-QIT (Border Electronically Dominated QRT Interception Technique) on patches of Indo Bangladesh border in Assam, Indian Border Security Force(BSF) is going strong in extending it to the sensitive Bangla border along Northern West Bengal.

“Large portion of the unfenced border will be brought under this to ensure better surveillance,” said IG BSF North Bengal(NB) Frontier Sunil Kumar. “To be established purely based upon need, no specific lengthwise target has been set for this,” he added.

Out of total 4097 km long Indo Bangladesh border, BSF NB frontier looks after 936 km with total 254 border outposts in northern half of West Bengal. But 109 km stretch of that is still unfenced including 54 km riverine portion.

Being within 100 kms from India’s international border with Nepal, Bhutan or Tibet, large portion of Indo-Bangla border along NB always remains under strong attention. But foothills topography of the region makes it highly riverine and thus challenge for BSF.

“This high tech system developed in Israel developed is known as Smart Fence and can address this challenge in very effective way,” said BSF top brasses.

Union Home Ministry first introduced Smart Fencing on Indo- Bangladesh border in 2019 under Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System (CIBMS).

CIBMS is a strong system with three main components. The first is sophisticated devices including sensors, detectors, cameras, radar systems, micro-aerostats, lasers etc. The second is dedicated wired and wireless communication system to be followed by centralized command control system. The purpose of the CIBMS is to enhance faster surveillance, detection and interception capability of BSF.

The experience of similar project of United States, launched in 2006 with the name of SBInet, did not remain very favourable- opined security experts. United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) stopped funding SBInet in 2011.

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