Bill Introduced In US House To Strengthen Ties With Indo-Pacific Countries

Describing the Indian Ocean region a vitally important part of the Indo-Pacific where the United States has political, economic, and security interests, a US lawmaker on Tuesday introduced a bill in the House of Representatives to strengthen ties with the countries in the region, particularly India, Australia and Japan.

As a part of the United States engagement in the Indo-Pacific, it shall be the policy of the United States to strengthen engagement with the countries in the Indian Ocean region, including with governments, civil society, and private sectors, to promote America’s political engagement with the region, it said.

Introduced by Congressman Joaquin Castro, the “Indian Ocean Region Strategic Review Act” calls for continuing to build the United States-India relationship in order to regularise security cooperation through the negotiation of agreements concerning access, communication, and navigation. It also seeks to promote cooperation with United States allies in the Indo-Pacific, including Japan and Australia, and major defense partners, including India, and NATO allies, including the United Kingdom and France, to support a rules-based order in such a region


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