Indian Army

Beyond The Call Of Duty

Indian Army is an organization that is known for its proficiency and moral conduct. It is one of the best and the oldest organizations. Army has earned the respect of an ordinary citizen through its valiant and audacious strides. As a matter of fact, the army is a way of living, a life less ordinary. These men go BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY.

The safety honour and welfare of the country comes first, always and every time. The honour, welfare and comfort of the men you command come next. Your own ease, comfort and safety come last, always and every time

The Obscure Truth

Indian Army: A professional and modern army.

More or less, people relate Indian Armed Forces, especially the Indian Army with border security and fighting wars. But, this belief is not that precise. As a matter of fact, it is quite true that Indian armed forces play the role of securing borders as well as national interests. But the army is not limited to the same. Let me tell you, the army plays a crucial role in portraying the stature of a nation. Let us talk explicitly about the key and obscure roles of the Indian Army. We’ll also try to see how these people go beyond the call of duty.

A man-of-war is the best ambassador.

Our Real Ambassadors

Though this statement stands more accurate in the context of the Indian Navy, it’s essence is really much the same. A nation’s military might is the first ambassador of the nation. The message that they give is louder than voice and is more lucid than the finest of glasses. Apparently, before Prime Minister or any ambassador, army represents the nation. The fact that power is always respected proves to be true in the contemporary scenario. You can have a respectable position, only when you are worthy and powerful. Moreover, the fact that peace can be initiated by a powerful person only also stands true. If a country is indulged in an argument with some other nation, it can win, without an actual war if the army is robust and experienced.

Always ready to act at the call of duty. Fight to kill, kill to win!

Indian Army defends the nation from external threats robustly and vigilantly. Soldiers fight wars, neutralize enemies, and secure the interests of the nation. The army and its several organs work in a synergistic manner to achieve a common interest. Time and again the army has proven its capabilities and has forced the enemies to chew dust.

A Moral Army

Army has been always under the canopy of false allegations of neglecting human rights. Moreover, the army is always speculated to be associated with killing and massacre. But frankly speaking, the Indian Army has never compromised over its ethos and moral values. That’s why the Indian Army is known as a moral army. As a matter of fact, army men have sacrificed more lives to save innocent lives where they could have simply ignored the lives of innocents. When the US army conduct drone strikes, many innocents lose their lives along with the main target. But when the Indian Army eliminates terrorists, they take into account the comprehensive security of civilians. Parameters are set, people have trust and that should not be waivered.

Accordingly, myriad soldiers have laid down their lives so that no civilian life is lost. Army works that way…in a moral way. The release of POWs after the war of 1971 is an open testimony to the same.
Indian army is an organization of very high moral stature. It is an organization that has proved to be a boon for many. Ask it from those who have been rescued from floods, whose houses have been lighted with electricity, who have come out from the grasp of death only because of the Indian army. Indian Army is a professional army, not only in terms of fighting skills but also in terms of logistic, medical, constructional, and educational expertise. Those who have seen the advertisement of the Army may know it very well.

They Prepare Our Future

Indian Army has the largest network of educational institutes in the whole nation. These are the ace institutions, nurturing tomorrow’s leadership. As a matter of fact, the army imparts quality education not only to army brats or cadets but also to many needy children across the whole nation. Many cantonments run schools for poor and orphan children. Army in border regions, teach many rural children who are devoid of resources. Kashmir valley has also witnessed a significant contribution by the army towards education. These are merely a few examples. Army has produced a significant and positive impact on the youth as well.

The First Responders

Indian army: A people’s army.

Whenever there’s a calamity, a flood, or any natural disaster, the Indian army has been there, serving ardently. Be it Uttarakhand floods, Chennai floods, or any other incident. Army has rescued many civilians through local synergy with NDRF, SDRF, and state police from the grasp of calamity.

Integrity and Respect

Army supplying regular essentials.

Army has linked many far away villages to the contemporary world with state of the art technology. The same has fetched electricity to many remote villages. It has also served the farlanders by providing crucial and life saving essential commodities like solar panels and many subtle but essential resources. This organisation has always been more to the nation.

Life Saviours

A regular health camp in remote areas.

The officers and soldiers of AMC and RVC are those to whom people regard as the people next to God. These are the doctors of the army. They bring the dead back to life. They help the wounded and the injured. In fact, these men have also imparted medical treatment to their enemies. They have provided medical aid to many civilians and sick people across the whole nation. They do this to bolster the faith of the citizens. Contemporary covid-19 pandemic has immensely seen a surging contribution from army medics. These are the kind of people, we can truly appreciate.

A Last Word

In a nutshell, the army is an organization that has responded to every call by the nation. Moreover, it has also extended its service to many foreign allies and countries. Men who have witnessed Operation cactus and served with the Indian peacekeeping forces will tell you the same. These men serve the nation.

Beyond The Call Of Duty

A tribute to the fallen ones.

The army is an organization that has the duty of binding the whole nation. It is an organization indirectly and directly responsible for endorsing peace and tranquility throughout the nation. These people serve beyond the CALL OF DUTY. As a matter of fact, the Indian Army is much more than a class of warriors. It is an elite class of excellent citizens, professional warriors, and hearty humans. We are proud of Indian Army! Let us pay tribute to those who have laid down their lives! Let us honor those who are working ardently for us!



Chaitanya Shukla

I am a defence aspirant and an army enthusiast. I am committed to ardently work for my nation and for my people! From Rashtriya Military School Chail.


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