Army Gears Up For Exercise ‘Indra’

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To increase cooperation in defence areas and to exchange strategic activities in the armies of India and Russia, both the countries will organise a joint army exercise from August 1 to 15 in Russia. To take part in the exercise ‘Indra’, troops of the Indian army have started preparations at the Pokhran field firing range. To take stock of the preparations, Konark Corps core commander Lt Gen PS Minhas has been visiting various areas in Jaisalmer for the last two days. On Saturday, he visited the desert area and boosted the morale of the jawans preparing for the exercise.

According to information from army official sources, a troupe of the Indian army falling in the Konark corps, is preparing for the joint exercise, in desert areas in Pokhran field firing range of Jaisalmer district. Around 250 soldiers will take part in it and the Indian army troops at Jaisalmer military station are involved in training activities.

Sources said, “About 250 Indian military personnel from the army, navy and air force will leave for Russia for the tactical bilateral ‘Indra-2021’ exercise with the Russian military, slated from August 1 to 15. It will be followed by another exercise within a month when the Indian and Pakistani armies will jointly participate.”

The ‘Indra’ series of exercises began in 2003 and the first joint Tri-Services Exercise was conducted in 2017. The last joint, tri-services exercise between India and Russia was conducted in India from December 10 to 19, 2019. It was held simultaneously at Babina (near Jhansi), Pune, and Goa.”

A source said, “The exercises involving India and Russia are aimed at further strengthening mutual confidence, interoperability and enabling the sharing of best practices between the armed forces of both countries.” The source said, “The ‘Indra-2021’ drills will involve about 250 servicemen of the armed forces of India and around 250 personnel of the Russian Army’s Southern Military District. The dates were decided at a conference of military representatives of Russia and India.”

Sources added, “The ‘Indra-2021’ drills will take place at the Southern Military District’s Prudboi training ground in Volgograd Region.”

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