Air Force Spl Boeing Lands At Kushinagar Airport For Trial

(This was originally posted On The Times Of India)

With the Indian Air Force airplane, Special Boeing-737, making a successful landing at the Kushinagar International Airport on Monday, the Kushinagar International Airport is likely to become operational soon.

After staying at the airport for some time, the Special Boeing took off. The landing of the plane is being seen as a trial of the airport after completion.

“Special Boeing Airplane landed at Kushinagar International Airport on Monday and after staying for 19 minutes the plane took off. The plane is used by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for domestic flight and it is a routine process to check the airports and give feedback to the PM’s office. The feedback of the pilot about the runway and apron of the airport was very good as he found it perfect for flights,” said AK Dwivedi, director of Kushinagar Airport.

“We are ready for the inauguration of the airport. Earlier, the date of inauguration was April 26 but it was postponed due to the second wave of Covid-19,” said the director. The plane landed at the airport at 11.55 am from Bhopal Airport and after staying there for 19 minutes it took off at 12.14 pm. The landing and takeoff of the plane were operated with mobile Air Traffic Control while a permanent ATC is under construction.

The Times Of India

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