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What If India Takes Back PoK? Possible Implications

We know that Pakistan has illegally occupied a major part of Jammu and Kashmir known as Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK). In the last few years there were strong statements from Indian High officials about PoK. External affairs minister S. Jaishankar in 2019 said “PoK is part of India and we expect one day to have …

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Prasad Gore

A defence enthusiast. Writing on Defence, Aviation and International Relations. M.A., NET (Defence and strategic studies).


  1. Over time the demography of the region has drastically changed. The original Kashmiri’s have been displaced. The people in POK identify themselves as Pakistani rather than Indian. It won’t be easy to rule and administer such a population. Internal security challenges will be huge. Now it will be easier for Pakistan to spread terrorism as there will be no LOC, but their people with the terrorist mindset will be inside our borders. POK and its security challenge will exert too much pressure on the Indian Econmy.

  2. One thing is for sure. Just militari conquest won’t be enough. We need to capture the hearts of those people first, so that they would support us during the conquest.

  3. मैं आपकी बात से थोड़ा-थोड़ा सहमत हूं, लेकिन जब तक हमारी राजनीति अंतरराष्ट्रीय मुद्दों पर एक साथ नहीं खड़ी होगी, ऐसा करना संभव है , कि लोगों में आजादी की भावना का अलख जगाना जरूरी है ।। आने वाले समय में ऐसा होगा

  4. Why do we use the name Aksai Chin instead of China occupied Ladakh (COL) similar to Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK).

    1. Indian government has never been so vocally and diplomatically aggressive against China. We can hope that lessons have been learnt in Galwan.

  5. Oh please please don’t implement chanakya doctrine, you are suffocating Pakistan with isolation globally, our economy is going down.. We can’t sustain war with India.. We want peace.. Please don’t snatch POK..we promise to eradicate jihadi camps inside Pakistan and follow indian narratives.. Please we want peace not war… Please don’t punish Pakistan more.. You already bully us a lot by weakening our state institutions, provinces( baluchistan, Sindh) with RAW sponsored terror activities and by spreading corruption in our politicians.. Most of our politcians and many media houses like geo TV are indian sponsored and in indian pockets anyway.

    Then your bollywood movies, indian dramas showing Hindu culture traditions, dressing ( saris & modern Western) is brainwashing our younger generation and influencing them towards adopting indian lifestyle.

    Please I appeal to you stop this indian bullying, imperialism as we falling apart gradually with mounting indian pressure from government, media… We don’t want more humiliating defeats against India.

    After taking POK you will then say now you want to make akhand bharat.? I don’t think in future we can sustain more covert, overt operations from India plus the political, economic global isolation. You are humiliating us daily on your media and in all fields.

    Pakistanis are tired of putting up with indian growing power in all fields be it economic, military, science, technology, IT, media, arts and culture. You are dominating us in all fields, I think we need to coexist peacefully and learn to develop ourselves progressively.

    We will hand over all terrorists on your wanted lists, so please don’t show so much aggression against a weak Pakistan state. We have lost too many wars against India so please spare us more humiliation. Give us space to breathe, we are suffering from internal chaos in all aspects. Give us time to correct our past mistakes and wrong doings against India be it 2002 parliament attacks, , 2008 Mumbai , uri, pathankot, and pulwama attacks

    We are cracking down on Islamic fundamentalists after Sri Lankan factory manager event. We will make Pakistan secular and remove extremists from everywhere in our society but we need time. We really sincerely want to shed our extremist Islamic image and shift towards a more western secular image like india.

    We Pakistanis are starting to accept indian dominance in all fields ( politics, media, movies, it, technology, science, diplomacy, economy, sports, arts & literature, education) so we want to progress like you but we accept you are bigger brother in our region. In fact I would like to say many Pakistanis consider themselves indian from original roots ( when our ancestors were Hindus). Some of us might be mix blood with Persians, turks and Arabs but majority are indian Hindu DNA. Please don’t punish Pakistan on basis of Islamic extremists in our govt, Pak Army, media e.t.c.

    We accept indian supremacy in subcontinent subconsciously anyway. If you spare us humiliation. Our future generations will work towards removing China as friend and ally. We will replace China with India as the one we look upto for protection and guidance on all fields. Together we can flush out Chinese, American influence from our region towards India led powerful block and progress in all fields.

    War will only bring misery, disaster and dent to economy especially for Pakistan which we can’t afford with India. You have defeated us diplomatically, politically, economically, sports (cricket), educationally, business, media and on covert cold War espionage activities last 20 years. We have lost moral high ground globally cause you exposed our shortcomings on global level with extremely intelligent manoeuvring. Therefore after India successfully Isolating Pakistan in Western world and recently in Muslim world too ( Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Afghanistan and many others) we have no choice but to start to change ourselves at all levels and move towards pro India policy accepting your narratives and giving concessions so you can allow us to breathe and survive. We will change our syllabus to secular one and remove Islamic fundamentalism, hatred against India and jihad against indian state.

    I am not a Islamic extremist, I am Liberal and secular and really look upto indian model of success. I am from bhutta rajput cast which is from Hindu suryavansi rajput roots who originated from ayodya and migrated to multan later from my father side and jammu kashmir from mother side ( maternal side migrated many decades before partition to lahore, punjab). We have common history with Hindus as my ancestors were Hindu once upon a time and by blood we are your cousins. So please don’t show us so much aggression under modi govt cause we are scared of karma from India for our past mistakes. Spare us punishment and allow us space to breathe and reform which will be acceptable according to indian narrative. Pakistanis appreciates indian supremacy and how they have progressed compared to Pakistan in last 74 years. We are frustrated by lack of success in all fields compared to India so please guide us, don’t destroy and humiliate us. On subconscious level majority Pakistanis with few exceptions ( extremists and some idiot pseudo intellectuals) are proud of their indian roots and Hindu DNA. Just cause we are Muslims now you don’t have to hate us and neither do we. We can Co exist with india and we can make it work. Under secular umbrella we can build Asian union like European Union and open up borders and abolish nuclear weapons. Infact I will also say for further harmony I encourage interfaith marriages between Hindu and Muslims especially if both are strongly secular. This way we will get united again with our indian roots without converting to Islam. If I were to marry for example a Hindu girl I would not expect her to convert to Islam and would allow her to freely practice her Hindu religion and vice versa. Real harmony will be born when interfaith marriages making societies more balanced, rationale and eventually eradicating Islamic extremists from our society.

    Remember by blood we have same Hindu DNA so as your cousins I appeal to all elite, educated layers of indian society and nation to help us reform Pakistan gradually from within and we will make everything favourable towards India in future so you have no problems from Pakistan in future. You are already leading us economically, global reputation, IT, sports ( cricket), beauty pageant contest ( miss world, miss universe), foreign investments e.t.c

    With love from Pakistan for my Indian Hindu cousins.

    1. Really ? After seeing your lon explaination one time I really think in my mind that are you really a Pakistani? Or a Indians

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