Advantage of War Exercise

Indian Armed Forces get involved in many war exercises. With many countries such as America, Russia, France, Japan, Australia, etc. There are many advantages of War Exercise. It makes coordination between different armed forces, Also strengthen the relations, also gives lots of experience and improves skills. Indian armed forces are one of the best in the world. Many countries are participating just to match-up the level the Indian armed forces have in the world. Recently India has conducted one of the biggest air exercises Gagan Shakti.

Indian Army & The Advantage Of War Exercise

War Exercises

There are many countries in the world that dream of just having a War Exercise with the Indian army. Indian army conducts and also participate in many Wars Exercises.

Domestic exercises:

  • Gandiv Vijay
  • Paschim Lehar
  • Vayu Shakti
  • Vijay Prahar

Exercises conducted with Asian countries:

SAMPRITIIndia & Bangladesh
Mitra ShaktiIndia & Sri Lanka
Maitree ExerciseIndia & Thailand
Nomadic ElephantIndia & Mongolia
Garuda ShaktiIndia & Indonesia
Surya KiranIndia & Nepal
Hand in Hand ExerciseIndia & China
Exercises conducted with the Asian countries

Exercises conducted with Big Military Giants such as Dharma Guardian with Japan, Yudh Abhyas with the US, Shakti Exercise with France and Indra with Russia.

The exercise conducted to make coordination between the two armies, also strengthen the relationship between countries, also to provide them with training and exchange of experience. The list of such exercises are:

Al Nagah-IiOman
Bold KurukshetraSingapore
Khanjar Kyrgyzstan
Multi-national FTXASEAN countries
Prabal DostykKazakhstan
Al Nagah-IiOman
List of Exercises

Indian Navy & The Advantage Of War Exercise

The Indian navy has lots of responsibilities in the Indian ocean. To perform any operation in very less time and prepare for quick response our naval officer and sailors are well trained. And by conducting war exercises they gain a lot of experience. Navy is always ready to participate in the maritime exercise because of the “Advantage of War Exercise“.

The list of exercises which Indian navy conducts:

Exercise NameParticipant Nations
Indo-Thai CORPATIndia & Thailand
SITMEXIndia, Singapore & Thailand
MALABARIndia, Japan & US
INDRA NavyIndia & Russia
SLINEXIndia & Srilanka
VARUNAIndia & France
List of Exercises

Indian Air Force & The Advantage Of War Exercise

When the Air Force involved in any exercise it attracts people because of the skills our pilot performs. There are many exercises in which the IAF involved.

Exercise NameParticipant Nations
GARUDAIndia & France
AVIAINDRAIndia & Russia
List of Exercises

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Many milliliters in the world conduct and also participate in War Exercise. There are many advantages of War Exercise such as gaining experience, maintain cooperation with different militaries, show power to the other nation especially enemy nation, and also War Exercise improves the relation between the countries. Indian Armed Forces are involved in many exercises with many countries. This makes Indian Armed Forces more perfect. This is the reason why the personals and also commanders are well-trained and also can tackle any situation anytime and anywhere.


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