Truth Behind Viral Pictures OF BSF Soldier’s Six Pack Abs

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The curiosity of people on social media is increasing continuously about the six-pack abs course in 10 weeks of BSF. In such a situation, ABP News tried to know from BSF itself whether it is really possible to have six-pack abs in 10 weeks. You will also be surprised to hear the answer.

Actually, these days two pictures of BSF are going viral on social media. In a picture, there are some cadets, whose weight has increased. So in the second picture, there are cadets with six-pack abs. The Manipur-based training center of BSF, posted these pictures together from its Twitter account these days, wrote, 10 weeks result.

First Picture

According to STC i.e. Subsidiary Training Center located in Chudachandrapur, Manipur, this change does not come from fitness but from determination. The entire post reads, “Your physical appearance does not change only by your fitness or stamina. It has more to do with how determined you are. We at STC work hard to make our trainees think this way. The result is evident in 10 weeks.”

Second Picture

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These days some people have also raised questions on social media regarding the pictures that there are different cadets in both the photos. Someone wrote that it is not possible in 10 weeks. In such a situation, ABP News itself contacted the headquarters of the country’s largest Border Guarding Force i.e. BSF (Border Security Force) in Delhi.

A BSF officer confirmed to ABP News that both these photos belong to the same batch and all the cadets in both the pictures are the same. That is, in 10 weeks of rigorous training, the fat and chubby-looking cadets were made really fit and their six-pack abs were clearly visible.

According to BSF, the pictures which are going viral are of CC ie Capsule Course Number 43 of STS Center in Chudachandrapur. This course is related to Physical Training (PT) and Unarmed Combat (USC). This is a force label course in which 4-5 cadets are selected from all the frontier headquarters of BSF. 70 cadets were selected for this 10-week capsule course. On 16 June i.e. on Wednesday, even after the completion of 10 weeks of training, STC issued photographs of all the cadets to the trainers and senior officers.

According to the BSF, there are a total of 448 periods in this 10-week course—about 10 periods in a day. Every day of cadets starts at 4.30 am and training ends at 7.30 pm. During this, more emphasis is placed on increasing their physical abilities. During this, cadets were also encouraged to play football, volleyball, handball, and basketball. The food menu was prepared and sent by the Delhi-based Force Headquarters according to the rigorous training of the trainees.

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