SSS Defence To Upgrade Indian Army’s Dragunov Sniper Rifles

Dragnunov sniper rifle’s upgradation is come into action when SSS defence , an Indian private company come out with indigenous solution that give rifle a major modifications.

Bangaloru based SSS defence is one of leading private company of India to design and manufacture small weapons.

The Northern command has came forward with request for proposal for a 90 piece of Dragunav rifles, for a estimate Indian army have near 6000-7000 rifles.

Dragunov sniper rifles (DSR) is a three decades old sniper rifle made by Soviet weapon designer Yevgeny Dragunov in 1950s. It is a gas-operated short-stroke piston rifle. For a long a time rifle has not gone through major upgradation.

Indian Army has been one of the largest users of the Dragunov sniper rifle and its different versions have been supplied by Russian. It has an effective range of 800 meters,

Why Army wants to upgrade Dragunov sniper rifles?

According to sources, rifles should fire 7000 rounds per barrel but most of them not done more than 3000 rounds.

This means that the rifle still has a long life ahead. It may not be a sniper weapon in the present day, but it is still a decent rifle. The Army will easily take a few years to acquire and induct a more lethal sniper weapon with effective ranges and advanced sniper rifle which has range more than 1.2 km.

The modern day sniper rifles that the Indian Army plans to procure are limited in numbers taken intentionally for long-range targets. Taking them into combat at intermediate ranges of 500m to 800m with expensive ammunition and highly trained snipers.

What upgradation will been done ?

A DSR upgrade can help bridge the gap between the age-old precision weapon and demands of modern infantry warfare. According to SSS Defence, they can significantly reduces recoil with a new tactical buttstock with a built-in monopod and adjustable cheek rest. Also they can add night firing capability in sniper rifle.



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