IAF An-32 Left Main Wheel Jammed During Approach 2012 Incident.

On 6 FEB 2012 at Sulur Air Force Base. An AN-32 K-3060 aircraft of the IAF has failed to descend its left main wheel. Now after this many think that this will end up in an accident but the aircraft has landed safely with some wear and tear to the aircraft and all the crew members were safe.

There are many incidents with the AN-32 aircraft but this was first of its kind incident where the main wheel got jammed just before the landing takes place at Sulur air force base in Tamil Nadu. With this unexpected landing in the same year on August 15 the airforce pilot flight Lieutenant Gunadnya Kharche was decorated with A Shaurya Chakra for his skills to land an aircraft with one sided main wheel safely. As soon as the aircraft touched the ground after few seconds it got unbalanced and its left wing touched the ground and the plane got out of the runway. As soon as the plane stopped ambulance was ready to rescue the personals along with the crew members as AN-32 is a transport aircraft but all were found safe.

Incidents happened with the AN-32 aircraft

On 25 March 1986, an Indian Air Force disappeared over the Arabian sea on a delivery flight. No trace was ever found of the aircraft or its three crew and four passengers.

On 15 July 1990, an Indian Air Force An-32 crashed in the while on a mission routine.

On 10 June 2009, an Indian Air Force An-32 carrying 13 people crashed shortly after it took off from Menchukha in Arunachal Pradesh, a state bordering China.

On 3 June 2019, an Indian Air Force An-32 went missing near Arunachal Pradesh shortly after taking off from Jorhat Air Force Station in Assam in northeastern India.


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