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Significance Of Infantry Day

Every year Infantry day is celebrated on 27th October. In this article, we are going to understand what is infantry, why Infantry day is celebrated, historical events related to it, and its significance.

What Is Infantry?

Infantry is the oldest military specialization that engages in military combat on foot. Also known as foot soldiers or infantrymen, infantry traditionally relies on moving by foot between combats as well, but may also use mounts, military vehicles, or other transport. In any army, Infantry makes up the majority of the number of soldiers. Infantry is the backbone of any army. infantrymen actually fight the war and go to the battlefield directly. Infantry always has the maximum casualty in the war since it is the main fighting force.

Like all the other armies, the Indian army has Infantry as one of its combat arms. Infantry is the oldest combat arm of the Indian army. Some infantry regiments were formed by the British East India Company, back in the sixteenth century.

When Infantry Day Is Celebrated?

Infantry Day is celebrated on 27th October every year. The first Infantry day was celebrated by the Indian Army on 27th October 1948.

Why Infantry Day Is Celebrated?

Just after the independence, Pakistan invaded Kashmir, which was by then a princely state ruled by Maharaja Hari Singh. Being a Muslim majority state ruled by a Hindu King, Pakistan assumed Kashmiri people to support its invasion.

Pakistani troops along with irregular tribal Kawali attackers invaded Kashmir on 3rd October 1947. The Kashmiri forces fiercely defended their motherland until their last breath. By 22nd October, Kashmiri forces were losing ground and were unable to repel the invaders. Maharaja Hari Singh signed the instrument of annexation on 26th October.

On 27th October 1947, the Indian troops were airlifted into Kashmir. The first Sikh regiment landed in Srinagar and was the first batch of Indian troops to do so. Indian troops then liberated Kashmir after a series of brutal fighting.

Infantry Day is celebrated to commemorate the contribution and sacrifices of Indian forces in 1947-48 First Kashmir war. Infantry day also signifies the courage, valour and selfless sacrifices of Infantry soldiers who have laid their lives to protect us.



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