Russian Army Welcomes Indian Contingent At SCO’s ‘Peaceful Mission’ Exercise

Indian Army contingent was welcomed by Major General Ivan Tereschenko, Chief of Staff, Central Military District, Russian Armed Forces on Wednesday at the sixth edition of ‘Peaceful Mission’ military exercise by the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) member states in Orenburg, Russia.

Indian Army contingent participated in the sixth edition of the ‘Peaceful Mission’ military exercise on Wednesday, to foster close relations between SCO member states in Orenburg, Russia.

The 6th edition of exercise Peaceful Mission is being hosted by Russia in the Orenburg Region of South-West Russia from September 13 to 25. The aim of the exercise is to foster close relations between SCO member states and to enhance the abilities of the military leaders to command multi-national military contingents.

The exercise will enable sharing of best practices between the Armed Forces of SCO nations. The exercise will also provide an opportunity for the Armed Forces of SCO Nations to train in Counter-Terrorism Operations in an urban scenario in a multinational and joint environment.

The scope of the exercise includes professional interaction, mutual understanding of drills and procedures, the establishment of joint command and control structures and the elimination of terrorist threats.

Exercise Peaceful Mission 2021 is a landmark event in military interactions and global cooperation to counter-terrorism.


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